New School

All ready for her first day of school!

Getting the exchange student accepted to the local high school was a pain. Finally I had settled in to the idea of driving her 30 minutes each way to and from school every day. Thankfully my neighbor saw the lunacy in that concept and quickly called in a few favors. It was a mess, lots of phone calls, I may have cried once or twice, and then some more e-mails and phone calls and on the third school day of the year she was finally able to hop on the bus at the corner near our house and head off to school!

Also at the beginning of the year Ginny and I have joined a local pre-school co-op. It was a group of moms who all had young children but did not want to go the traditional pre-school route. I thought we were a good fit, unfortunately time would not agree.

Ginny all ready for her first day of preschool co-op.

I only knew one other mom in the group, she’d invited me to join. Unfortunately at the end of October, having only hosted twice, I got a phone call that they had decided to kick me out of the co-op.

And Ginny.

Of course they said something like “It’s not Ginny, we love her and she’s great, but we really don’t think you’re a good fit.” They said I didn’t choose healthy foods (my broccoli and pasta were not organic), I wasn’t involved enough with the children (because three year olds should be told to stop playing and sit down to do guided activities), and that I’m combative and too aggressive. There was no second chance, and no warning.

Ginny still asks about her preschool friends, four months later.

It’s weird, how these women I barely knew held such power over me – but I was sincerely crushed. I don’t think I’ve felt that kind of rejection and so much pain since elementary school.

Thankfully my sweet girl is resilient, and her life is still full of nature and play and people who love her and interesting experiences.

Her mother on the other hand is fragile. This experience spiraled me into panic attacks and added to my already mounting pre-scan anxiety that comes every six months.

This experience was also a big factor in the decision to send Ginny to public school next year when she starts Kindergarten. She’s going to love it, and I know she will do well. Crazy how fast time flies though! Only six months and I’ll be Mama to a kindergartner!

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When did this happen?

I know my posts recently have been short and some have even been cryptic. I am sorry. I have something that I have been blogging about privately, and I will be sharing all of that soon enough – but right now I can only go day by day.

Tomorrow I am being initiated in to Omicron Delta Kappa. It’s a National Leadership Honor Society. That should be exciting. I will (hopefully) get to wear the stole and cords at graduation! I know it seems silly, but that was something I didn’t get to do in high school. But I have worked my butt of the last few years, and my grades have been excellent!

B-man and I went home for Thanksgiving. We got to spend some nice time with  my family for Thanksgiving. On Friday we went apartment hunting and I think we found a place. It is pretty nice, new, has a 24-hour fitness center, and we can afford the 2 bdrm w/ den – so practically 3 bedrooms. The rooms are small, but that’s apartment living for you. It also comes with washer/dryer in unit, and a dishwasher. If we don’t find any place better than this we will probably go for it.

On Saturday we went up to celebrate B-man’s brother’s birthday. He turned 40 and the party was a hoot! We made him an “old man kit” with prunes, a cane, and Worther’s original hard candies. The box it all came in was the real present – as we figured he could use it for geo-caching.

Sunday I went to church with my family and met up with a potential employer. We chatted for a little while, and it looks like I have a job all lined up for after we’ve moved! I’m half nervous, and half excited about it. I know the company does a lot of college classes and k-12 classes too, both of which I feel relatively comfortable interpreting. I’ll keep everyone posted!

After church we drove back to Tennessee. I drove for about 2 hours, but I was so tired, so B-man took over the driving. The normal 7.5 hour drive ended up being a little over 10 hours – and he did most of it. I am so thankful, because it gave me a chance to relax, and to sleep.

So I need every one’s help:  how should I decorate my cap for graduation? Please, leave me a comment with suggestions!

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My Yesterday

I woke up at 8 o’clock to be ready for my classes. I haven’t been a fan of waking up lately, but it was easy. I knew I had things to do.

Breakfast – check

Shower – check

Clothes – check

Stuff – check

And I left. But I was late. Always. ALWAYS!

My friend who signed up with to take my computer tech class with me went to the wrong classroom… but it was the same class, so he stated there, with out realizing he was in the wrong room. lol. I felt a little better about being late.

My next class as 15 minute later. I walked to the building I thought it was in. But it was in room 555, and this building only had four stories. Oops. Wrong building. So I turned around, and spotted a freshman. She looked lost. But she had a map. She let me look up my building, and the started walking with me. I asked her if she was going to class. “Nope, back to South Carrick.” She responded confidently. I felt bad, having to tell her she was walking the complete opposite direction of SC, but I did. She was thankful, laughed a little, and turned around.

I was also late to my second class. It was a mile away! So I got to Philosophy, and the room was too small for the class. Like… 50 people were standing or sitting on the ground. I hope that gets fixed. I am going to be rushed for time every day, with only 15 minutes to hightail it over there, so I am never going to get a seat if the room stays so packed. If I’m sitting on the floor where I can’t see I am much more likely to play games on my computer, than I am to pay attention. Bah!

My last class was much later in the evening, so I went home for a lunch break. Educational Psychology is last, and it is a prep class for teacher certification. Which I don’t need. But the class is required. It is from 5:45 – 8:30. LATE! But thankfully it wasn’t as bad as I expected. A  lot of other signing majors complained about the class a lot, but maybe I got a different teacher, because she seemed really nice, and the class kind of seems almost… easy. I guess we will see.

Then I went home. I was making chicken and curry rice. I did two things I don’t usually do. I had a cup of chocolate soy milk, and I stole some caramel ice cream topping from the fridge. And then my through and tongue swelled up, my eyes got itchy, and I got hives on my lips. My normal reaction for most fruits and some vegetables – but umm… I’ve had both of these things before with out problems. Part of me hates myself, because I think my allergies are related to my weight. I’ve never read that, or heard or been told… but I just have a feeling. I started getting random allergies at about 19 years old, and the list just keeps growing. Thankfully we had some benadryl, so I took one, ate dinner, and promptly passed out. So now I don’t know if it was the caramel, or the soy milk. So tonight, before bed, I am going to try the soy milk again, with benadryl on hand. That way if that is the problem – I can just go to bed, with out losing my hole night.

I’m allergic to:

  1. Apples *
  2. Peaches *
  3. Cherries *
  4. Red and green bell peppers
  5. Soy milk or caramel

* If these items are cooked, then I can eat them.

If something has even the tiniest piece of cooked or uncooked bell peppers in it… I hate my life for the next 24 hours. It’s sad because bell peppers used to be my favorite snack veggie.

So, are you allergic to anything? Have you always been allergic to it? Is it a new thing? And do you think it was the soy milk, or the caramel?

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What’s going on in my life…

My classes start in a week. Next Wednesday. I already have reading assignments. These teachers are being very proactive and I don’t like it. I am taking a basic philosophy class. Last semester I started taking this upper philosophy class, and it sucked, so I petitioned to have a different one count (one that I had already taken) but what I didn’t realize was that it was fulfilling a requirement, and it can’t count for both so now I need another class. Thankfully this one is easier than the one I was going to be required to take. I hope that kind of makes sense. This teacher sent out the syllabus and it’s a very… odd… class. All writing, no tests, and it’s not about the material but “how the material influences you”… so it’s like a self discovery class. Gee thanks.

I’m also taking a class about how to use power point and the internet in educational settings. Hahahaha. Do you know what a waste of time this is for me? Huge! I have been helping people with this class forever, but I already know! Plus, it’s not actually applicable to my supposed profession as an interpreter. Great. Waste my time. No big deal. Only costs a butt load of money.

Then there is the dreaded educational psychology class that every one says is really hard. The teacher has already assigned reading. I hate reading. But only some times. Because apparently I kind of like reading. I hate required reading…? Yeah. That covers it.

AND THEN! THEN THEN THEN! I have… my internship. Yeah. It should be interesting. Fun. A good learning opportunity. I don’t know where I am going to do it, but I know that I should probably go apply for the one on campus so that if the one at the middle school near me doesn’t open up, at least I’m not behind.

I am kind of nervous. I don’t feel like I’m ready for this level… actually interpreting. I’ve done it before, but I am still nervous. Ah!

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The tales of a troubled bedroom.

This has nothing to do with sex. When I say bedroom, I literally mean the room with my bed in it. Since Easter, when I went to visit my Aunt in Nashville, I have been feeling very underwhelmed about my own bedroom, as her guest room was absolutely incredible. The bed was so luxurious with the different textures and tons of pillows… here… it looked like this…

So I have been amassing a collection of bed linens in an effort to make my own bed a tad bit more interesting, and fun. So today when I went to Ikea, I bought a new duvet cover, and a new quilt with two shams that match. Then I also have my pink and seafoam green linens that I bought earlier this year. I realized that a white bedspread was asking for trouble with Zuko, who runs inside after dancing in the mud, so he can dance on my bed. It is cute, but not when it means I have to wash my blanekts constantly. The new duvet cover is a silky brown/gray. It should balance out the pink, and hide some of the puppy prints. I also bought an adorable rouched blanket to go at the end. It is not very practical, but it is very cute.

Also, I am going to be hanging my chandelier from my wedding in our bed room, and it is not possible to run it with wires to make it a functioning light fixture, but I bought a set of super cute led lights that I’m going to wrap around the whole thing, and it has a switch on it, so hopefully…. this will work out. Ummm… and I bought a light for by the kitchen sink, because the one we used to have in there died… dead… gone. Very practical.

That’s all. Aside from my random bed linen shopping spree, I have been chilling at home, bothering B-man while he works, and celebrating my grades. Oh, didn’t I tell you? My summer classes are FINISHED! Yippeeee! And I got an A in Western Civilization, and and a B+ in World Religions. Not too shabby. I am very happy with it, and that is what is important. lol. 8 semesters, and 1 summer of classes done, ONE SEMESTER LEFT! And… for some reason I can’t explain… my scholarship has been increased, so next semester, even though I am taking 15 credit hours, my tuition will be less than $1000! Woot! There is plenty to party about!

PS: When I get my bed all made up, I will take a picture, but I am worried that the color of the bed spread might not photograph well… so… I might not post  a picture. It all depends.

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Internship application.

So I need to film myself interpreting something for my internship application for next semester. I had found the most perfect piece of documentary to use.

It was in the DVR.

I watched the whole thing with my husband.

The whole time I was commenting about how perfect it was, and that he should NOT delete it so that I could use it.

But then, of course…

He deleted it.

Boo. I know it was an accident, but I’m still frustrated a bit. I spent a good two hours today trying to find something. It’s not available on netflix, and it doesn’t show again until Thursday. Gah! Too late.

I will have to interpret something else.

Wish me luck.

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Welcome Home, motivation!

I really like blogging. But blogging takes time, and lately all I’ve wanted to do was sleep. Thankfully, and a little adjusting of my body chemistry, I’m awake. I even do dishes and laundry now!

Recently I spoke with a nutritionist, after a trip to the doctors of course. I was told that I’m too pale, anemic, and having kidney/liver problems. So… a few days later, I’m working on this “whole foods” things. Going “organic”… lol. It seems more like a fad, but I think I will manage. Brandan doesn’t mind so much, since it means I put time and thought into the meals and we don’t go to prepare dinner and have no food in the pantry. One day I will be one of those super prepared people who plans out menus and what not, but for now I just buy the “organic” version of whatever I was buying before + more green food. We tried edemame (spelling?) tonight. I added it to my fried rice. So… it was soy bean, broccolli, corn fried rice. I don’t think I cooked the beans the right way (despite following the directions to a T…) so I will have to give it another shot. But Brandan was a good sport and told me it tasted good (I’m sure he would’ve preffered chicken to the soy beans, but in the middle of finals I can’t do the two meals thing… plus… I would probably want the chicken too and then my calorie count would be blown and then poof! I’d probably gain twelve pounds just for thinking about the delicious ice cream I got to consume thanks to the low-cal version of dinner we had. So… take that!).

School is almost over. I have three take home exams, and a filmed test on Tuesday. Tomorrow will be test day. Tuesday I am meeting up with my Botswana-friend to do another take-home exam, and then I am taking my filmed-test… and then I will be free to gallivant around my house in pajamas and a leopard print apron making bread a cookies! I got this… clay baking pot thing from Brandan’s mom for Christmas, so I am going to christen it by making bread in it. I have all of the ingredients, so now I just have to do it!

So… now I am going to go swiffer the kitchen because yesterday it snowed and Gretel tracked in mud. Despite the cuteness of her pay prints around my house, I don’t think Brandan likes it very much!

Picture Time:

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I miss him…

Meh! Holy cow. lol. I’m just trying to get through my days right now. I know this seems lame – but after spending 10 days straight with Brandan I am constantly almost in tears because I can’t stand being all alone. Boo. Thankfully Christmas break is just around the corner. Tomorrow I will edit my draft and finish my 10 page paper for Environment Issues, Tuesday and Wednesday will be devoted to my Child Psych exam. My other exams don’t have a book, or a study guide – so that should be interesting. Ah! Now… it’s 8 pm. I’m tired… soo guess what! I’m actually going to bed.


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Where did the time go, and why did it stop moving?

Summer came to a screeching halt as Brandan and I parted ways to head back to school. I’m all moved into my spiffy new apartment, I’m loving my roommates, and trying my best to enjoy UT. I had planned on transferring, and while that plan was very real, and very close to happening – even when I was “going” to BYU, it felt so out of reach – like I knew it would never physically materialize with me living it Utah. Brandan came down the second weekend in August and actually proposed – got down on one knee and asked me to spend eternity with him. I know I’m kind of breezing threw all of this, but eh! Oh well. lol. So, now I’m engaged, I have a ring (for some reason it’s a big deal. My mom said “Well… since you have to be engaged for a year, at least you got a pretty ring to show people!” gah! I would rather just have my Bran-man.).

I’m loving my roommates, but especially my suitemate, A. She is hilarious. She is constantly talking about awkward things – but with out being terribly awkward. Fantastic! I feel empty if I don’t see her all day. It seems like the summer went by so quickly, and now that I’m at school it’s moving at a snails pase, but A helps things move along with her fantastic humor.

Last night I stayed up until… seven in the morning working on a stupid paper. Gah! Tonight I am going to my last few classes, then heading to wal*mart to pick up some stuff and then going to bed so that I can get up in the morning. I am leaving tomorrow to go up to VT to visit B for the weekend! I am terribly excited and I can’t wait to hug him. Ah! I miss just being with him. 😛

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Cookies, any one?

So today I started making chocolate chip cookies… but apparently today is not my day because I could not follow the recipe to save my life! I put the sugar in with the flour, and then had to kind of separate them because they were supposed to go into separate bowls and I did not have enough flour to just “start over.” Then I put the baking soda in the sugar instead of the flour, and that was kind of difficult to fix as well. I microwaved the butter too long, so I had a bowl of mess, and I had to dig out little lumps of hard brown sugar from my almost finished batter. In any case, thank goodness that chocolate chip cookies are like the weeds of the baking world, because the batter turned out just fine – and who really cares what the cookies taste like. At my house the cookies hardly ever make it into cookie form any way. lol. Right now I’ve got a pan in the oven, and then another pan ready to go in the oven when that one is done. We are going to have at least 30 cookies… and then some cookie dough, or maybe I will make more cookies. Who knows.

B-man is coming over after work today to meet with the missionaries for the third time. We spent the weekend together, he went to church for the second time, and we drove up to the temple and went to the visitors’ center up there. Then we took a short stroll around the temple. It was super hot outside. In any case, it was a good weekend, and since we’ve been spending quite a bit of time together I start to go through little withdrawals when I don’t see him for a couple of days in a row. School is going to be absolute torture! he’s coming over today, and then on Saturday I’ll drive up there for the day. We’ve got some important things to take care of. Woot! Then we’ll probably come back down here for church on Sunday. ((*first batch of cookies is a little darker than I would’ve liked. Boo.*)) In a couple of weeks I’m sure I’ll have more (detailed) information, but until then… I can’t really write anything. lol.

Work is going well: I don’t mind the crazy morning hours, I’m not sick of it, I enjoy the people I’m working with, and I have a feeling that if I play my cards the right way I could end up getting a lot of hours. lol… really I should say “If I stop being lazy I could get a ton of hours!” But I’m not really a fan of sweat. Oh well. I have three batches of cookies now, so I should probably go invest in some milk… since apparently that is not something we keep on hand for the random from-scratch cookies that often appear out of thin air around here.

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Save me from the dark abyss of dark abyssness!

So.. it’s been a while…

I keep saying this over and over again, but i understand why my friends that graduated before me disappeared for like a year before they started being socialable. I am DIEING! I have so much school work and church and… parties… lol that I don’t have enough time to sit around on my computer any more. It’s Thursday, but sadly I was ready for the week to be over on Monday, and Wednesday felt like it should be Friday, and everything was just mixed up, and the week is almost over and I feel like I’ve missed most of it! Go figure.

Last weekend I went to Nashville with some friends to go to the temple and it was amazing. I had done a session and was waiting for some of my friends. The weather was beautiful, the air was delicious, and everything was perfect. I just did a bit of reading and wrote in my actual journal (which is why this journal is suffering, because I have been writing in my real journal, which only has about 15 pages left in it.). Then on Monday I had to write two papers, and I had a math test to study for. It was sort of pretty much terrible because I didn’t get back till 9:30, and I didn’t get anything done Sunday because I had church, and then a fireside.

I’m not a slacker, it’s important to realize that, but I’ve kind of been slacking a little bit, and I need to pick things up. I’ve started doing homework when it’s assigned, instead of waiting till the night before (which is how I got through my first semester), and I’ve also decided after a few months of confusion and doubts that I like my religion, and I still believe what I previously said I believed, just in a little bit different way. I feel like a little bit of a hypocrite now, but I’m working on being a better person, and that’s all that matters I guess.

I’ve got to run off to my philosophy class, but I’m going to try and update more then once a month.

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Madness I tell you… shere madness

finished my first day of classes… that was hellish.

I have buckled down. I am actually doing the assigned reading, and trying to do a bit extra so that when I eventually “fall behind” I will actually be exactly where I am supposed to be. My enlgish class is called “Inquiry into Madness” and it is very interesting, and the teacher is hilarious. We are reading “One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest, and some people in the class had already read it, and I hadn’t, so I made this ambitious desicion to read the book, before she starts assigning reading, so that it’s easier to understand the second time through. I have a problem with reading. I just don’t like it. But this book is pretty interesting, so it shall be interesting.

I also had psychology today, which was a huge auditorium style class, and I wasn’t expecting it to be so big (and neither was the teacher) but it’ll be fine as long as I sit in the front.

I also had my math class today and the only thing good to report is that I met a really cute guy. He’s not gay (as far as I can tell) and he’s older than me. We got in these groups to do the stupid word problems from the book (speaking of which… I must go look at the book because it’s not my thing…) and like, the teacher would assign a problem to the group, and this guy would have it figured out before any of us could think about it. Which, in all honesty sucks for me, because I need to be able to think things through.

I also had Choir today, which was awesome and amazing and all of those wonderful words. I love it.

Then after that I went to the Institute building and signed up for three classes. I am also going to be volunteering at the Tennessee School for the Deaf. I had a nice conversation with a man that works at the school, and he gave me some names and numbers of people to contact about volunteering there, so we shall see how things work out.

Other then that Institute was nice tonight, and then I went to the library, read a BUNCH, and now I am going to get in the shower and go to bed. Tomorrow I will wake up around 8:30, go to the gym, do some homework and then go to my one class of the day.

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