let’s make a plan

I’ve had a (mostly)love-(with a little)hate relationship with paper products for most of my adult life. I’ve always loved keeping a planner, and a few years back “planning” became a legit hobby for a lot of people. Expensive, pretty, sticker-laden planners are all the rage among young women with disposable income and addictions to Micheal’s. So I spent two years testing out the options, from Erin Condren to Happy Planner, and a couple of Target options too. But nothing every really fits just right. In fact, I’ve fallen in love with Google calendar and haven’t been keeping a paper calendar in almost a year.

Part of my problem is that pre-chemo all I had to do was write it in the calendar, and I never needed to refer to the weekly spread to know what was going on: my mind just kept it all and I didn’t need to be religious about it. But now, post chemo, my brain is literally Swiss cheese and keeping track of lists and events is so incredibly difficult, and important.¬†Because forgetting to drop off the library books isn’t a big deal, but forgetting a doctor appointment or tee-ball game is something that’ll ruin the whole day.


So google calendars it is, and it’s nice because B-man and I can share the calendar and it’s an easy way for him to see what’s going on without me having to constantly give him a run down. The downside is I don’t get to doodle. Two years ago Brandan bought me a phone case from Erin Condren, which ended up breaking. They gave me a full refund, and I used that money to purchase a spiral-bound notebook. Probably the most expensive spiral-bound notebook in the whole world, but it’s blue and green and has my name on the front and I like that sort of silly thing. And it was a gift.

Moving past the expensive planning hobby that I dabbled in, I learned how to set up a bullet journal¬†from a friend and decided to try that out too. You number the pages of your journal, and keep an index of everything. It’s perfect for my list keeping tendency, and helps me keep track. BUT… some times it would be nice to have a calendar in there. So… I have the brilliant idea to print a 2-page spread calendar, trim it up, and glue it in. I’m quite pleased with the idea. Nicer than I could’ve drawn, and it blends in to nicely.


On the next page I made a record of my goals for the upcoming year.

  • I want to have good days. So the first thing on my goals page is a daily mood tracker. We’ll see how that works out.
  • To help with my Swiss cheese brain I have been trying to read more. I’m not sure if it’s helping, but I have really enjoyed it, and am hoping to do more of it this year! The goal is one book a month, so at least 12.
  • Last summer we were so busy with Nature Camp, birthday party, and our trip to Sweden and Finland – we didn’t do any camping! Ginny is still giving me a hard time for it, and so I have set a goal to go camping three times this year. I’m not sure if it’s doable, we have done two trips in one summer, but since we’re not planning any international travel this year, I think we may be able to pull it off!
  • The next thing on my page is a “DECLUTTER ALL THE ROOMS!” chart, each square represents an area of my home that needs attention. Some just need cleaning and better routine. Others need serious overhaul.
  • I want to go on three adventures. I don’t know what that will entail yet – but I have some ideas. More on that in the future I guess.

Lastly I included a few personal goals, like walking Trooper more often, being more kind and thoughtful in my words, and making healthier choices.

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I’ve never been very good at making resolutions. Usually it’s so specific that one mistake makes things impossible – so I tried to go vague and hopeful this year.

I’m accepting book recommendations, and want to hear about your resolutions too!

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