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April 5th, 2010

Back Tracking: Game Night!

I was a crazy woman last Thursday. No joke. Some how, between classes and homework I managed to make some really good lasagna.
It’s my Mom’s recipe… with a a few replacements or additions. I got rave reviews so I’ll have to try and remember what I did! Along with the lasagna I made mashed potatoes and garlic bread. JH brought salad. Yummmm.
Mr & Mrs H enjoying game night.
Then we played Life. BH won. I lost. I think I usually lose. lol.
I also made mini peach pies. I used this recipe for the crust (I used butter and not the shortening), and then I boiled down a can of peaches, drained, a cup of water, 1/2 cup sugar, a bunch of cinnamon, and a few spoon fulls of honey. Delicious.
I was so exhausted! We only played one game, because the next day we were heading out to Nashville to visit family for Easter!
February 13th, 2010

I love…

… doing stupid things to make my husband laugh. Some time I will say things I know are inappropriate or awkward, but to get that little smile on his face.

… when my puppy jumps around because I’m in the room. Instant love.
… Tennessee. I know… for some one who hates living here so much it is a weird thing to say. But my cute little family is here. So I want to be here too.
… playing board games with my friends.
I watched quite a bit of the olympic opening ceremonies. Very impressive. I wonder what the ad looks like for that kind of event:
“Wanted, people who can dance, jump around, and play the violin like crazy… all at the same time.”
It’s getting late, so I am going to bed soon… as soon as B-man finishes the dishes. <3