I didn’t go to Virginia Tech but I do love going there. B-man and I started dating the summer before his senior year at Tech and I spent that year driving through the mountains to visit him every chance I got. Of course those drives were half Tennessee, half Virginia, the drive through the Shenandoah Valley is just as beautiful (from northern Virginia to south western Virginia).

For B-man’s birthday I picked up a pair of tickets for the VT v. Duke football game. He is really into football, and I find it kind of unique. Though he loves his own team in particular he really is a fan of the sport – watching how the conferences function and even cross-conference interactions. I don’t have the mental capacity to care that much about something so abstract and removed… but I spend every Tuesday knitting – that’s to say, we each do what we like.


Any who – football tickets. It seemed like a grand plan to me. Surprised him with football tickets, leave Ginny with her Aunt & Uncle, then drive to Blacksburg for a day of fun. We left Friday after B-man was done with work, and drove the 15 minutes to his brother’s house. They are so good with Ginny. This was the third time we’ve left her over night with them, but the first time we’ve gone out of town (we usually just go back home and sleep for 24 hours!). The game was scheduled for noon on Saturday, and we intended on driving home after the game.

On our way down I got an e-mail saying the game time had been moved from noon to 3:30. It didn’t seem like a big deal but ended up being a bane.

As much as I love fall, and would’ve loved to make this trip during the day, it was dark by the time we got into the mountains. This means I have no gorgeous pictures of fall colored mountains. None the less, it was a nice drive. There is something reminiscent about making that drive with just my hubby. We got to the hotel around 11 pm, and checked in. I hadn’t realized how small the room would be, but for the two of us it was perfect (would’ve been a little torturous with Ginny though).



The picture makes it took bigger than it was. Side note: we took one bag, that was barely full. So proud of our light packing skills, but after the fact I’d wished I’d remembered to grab a hair brush and a real bra instead of the sports bra I’d worn for the car ride. lol

So at 8 am, with just under 8 hours of sleep, we packed up our one bag, and drove to campus. We knew that if we got there early enough we could park at the LDS church building on campus for free. So… we got to campus at 9 am and had six hours to kill.

wamp wamp. It was also really cold, and since it hasn’t gotten that cold where we live I conveniently forgot that Virginia Tech is in the mountains and neither of us was really dressed appropriately for this trip. This picture below is us at the war memorial above the drill field – which is the center of campus really. To the right of the field are most of the classroom buildings. In this picture the tree above B-man’s head is where the memorial to the shooting victims is. The building is just out side of the picture. To the left is where most of the on-campus housing is.

If I had realized that we could’ve waited to park until 2 something (when there were still empty spots in the lot) we would’ve gone to breakfast, maybe hit up a store in Christiansburg for some toddler VT gear… but as it stood we didn’t know that was an option. So we parked, walked around, then realized no place was open for breakfast. We went to the on campus book store and picked up a few t-shirts and a hat for B-man (most of his old ones are faded now any way), and then at 11 we finally got to eat!

B-man requested that we eat at Mike’s. It’s a pizza and burger joint right off of campus – but B says the best thing there are the calzones.


After calzones (I had pepperoni and Italian sausage in mine!) we headed off for a walk on campus. As we were walking down we saw the Highty-Tighties lining up to march, so we followed them around campus for a bit.


After a while they headed off towards the stadium, but we still have 3 hours before the game started. We headed back towards the car, but not before stopping by B-man’s last dorm.

About five years ago he and I took this picture outside of his dorm room…

Then we found ourselves walking along the same path, and we paused to take an updated version. 🙂


Some friend and family on facebook said they weren’t sure which was the old version and which was the newer one! lol. I can definitely see the difference, especially in B-man.


Once we got back to the car we did a walk around the parking lots to see all the tailgaters. We were invited to join a rowdy group of students but it made me feel incredibly old so we didn’t stop. Once we’d worn out our feet we still had two more hours to wait. Since we hadn’t intended on being on the road so late we headed back to the car where I took a power nap while B-man played on his 3DS. Yes… we’re a little boring.

Once game time was a little closer we headed to the stadium. I enjoy going to live sporting events. It’s very different from watching them on TV, and it’s especially fun if you let yourself get into it and do some of the silly things the fans do. We had pretty good seats. Near the 50 yard line and far up enough to see the whole field and the jumbo-tron.

Even though the Hokies lost, we still had a pretty good time. It was nice to go back and visit, beautiful scenery, and I know B-man enjoys going back… even if it makes us feel old and his team loses.

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Buh bye Fulmer…

Spent the weekend with my Bran-man, drove back to UT Sunday night. I got to chat with my BFF Chrissy from high school, and then I spoke with my mom on the phone for a while. The four hour trip went by really quickly. That was nice.

When I went to get my football ticket today I found out that Phillip Fulmer has resigned. He will finish out the season, and then he’ll be done. It’s kind of a weird feeling – I mean, I knew it was going to happen, but it just seems so out of place. Who’s the new coach going to be?

Other than that – all of the blogs that I follow are of people who are “recently” married, and those who have little tiny children and babies and ah! My ovaries are constantly twitching. Too cute!!! Ah!

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250 miles

I wish I could start this journal entry out with “Brandan and I went to the football game…” but alas, B-man is 250 miles away working his little heart out on a class project. I went to the football game with some friends from church though, and I had a really good time, despite losing. We were playing Alabama, and it was a decent game for a while, but honestly – I’m glad we lost because now there is a good chance we will get a new coach. Change is good.

I am no closer to having a wedding planned, but I am kind of leaning towards a light blue color. Maybe. I’m not sure. We’ll see. That’s all I have for this evening. I was waiting to read scriptures with the B-man, but he has a lot of work to get done, so it might just be me tonight.

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Go Vols!

Looks like a small turn around. We kicked some butt this evening. There were only a couple of “Holy-cow-what-the-heck-are-you-doing-CATCH-THE-BALL!!!” moments. There were more “YEAH!” moments. So… that’s good. In any case, Football = good.

I haven’t seen Brandan in a week, and I don’t think we’re going to see each other again until the beginning of November. I keep pretending that it’s not that bad, but it really sucks being so far away. We have 9 months and 28 days. Nine month and twenty-eight days until I can fall asleep next to B man every night and wake up twenty time in the night to make him stop snoring. Lol, romantic, I know. 😉 It’s just that he’s four hours away, and it sucks. Mostly… I’m cold right now from being at the game and I wish we were snuggling right now. Boo.

New things in my life; I got my first credit card. Nothing too excited. I have a five hundred dollar limit, but that won’t mean anything, since I have no intetions of every actually using it for more than 20 bucks a month. That way I know I can pay it off.

I had my first girl-dr visit last week. That was fun. I’ll be starting birth control in a few weeks. Fun stuff, I know. I also had a dr. appt for my hip, and I have been sentenced to some more physical therapy. Probably a couple of months. We’ll see. I don’t know how the Christmas break is going to go with that – I will probably have to do stuff on my own. lol. I’m supposed to do that on my own any ways, I’ll need to blow up my yoga ball again.

The end. I am just waiting for Brandan’s game to end, so that he can call and we can read scriptures together. Then I’ll climb into bed.

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It's beginning to look a lot like…. _____________


  • Put up and decorate Christmas trees
  • Go out with Ellen and have an awesome time doing so
  • practise song with Becca for Church tomorrow
  • sleep

This weekend has just flown by…

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UT vs. LSU

I need a new word. One that describes, not a day, but the last time period of things going on. Like, the last episode of my life…yes. I think that will be what I use from now on…

So in the last episode of my life (Friday @ 10pm to Sunday early morning.) has been one of excitment. It always is. lol. Here’s what’s going down…in the normal font color (what ever appears on your friends page (mine is white…) are THINGS that have happened, and in a corrosponding color are the way those things made me feel. Ready for this?

  • Went to a party at Haley’s apartment because it was her birthday….we got pizza and a movie and junk food, and me, Matt, Haley (even though she went to bed before midnight), Heather, and other random people that only stopped by for a little bit watched tv and ate all night. good stuff. We went to bed around one in the morning (and it was just me and heather chilling in the living room. She fell asleep first and I was watching tv.
  • At 3:30 in the morning (just like every morning) Jake called me. I don’t think I’ve talked much about him, but we’ve been best friends since 7th grade and we talk every night on the phone. We didn’t when I lived in Germany, but before I moved to Germany we did, and then when I was there we talked like, on holidays and stuff like that, but we would chat and e-mail each other. But since I’ve been back in America he has called me every night, sometimes twice a night. (and I know this is random but…) on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays I just talk to him at 3ish in the morning because he gets off work at midnight, and he lives in Washington, so he calls me on his way home from work. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays I call him during the day and wake him up and then he calls me again that night we he gets off work. Some times we talk about stuff, but even when there is nothing to say, we call, just for the sake of calling. I guess we’re making up for lost time.) but yeah. This will be important later on….
  • At 7:30 in the morning I woke up and turned the TV and the heater off, and then i went back to sleep on the couch.
  • At 10:00 I guess the door woke me up, but I sort of twisted around to see the door and Matt was standing in the doorway and it scared the crap out of me and AH! lol. I jumped up and yeah. It was morning, and I was awake with no chance of going back to bed. Matt was there to get painted up for the game, and then Buck showed up to get painted as well. It was a lot of fun.
  • At 12:30ish I left the apartment and went back to campus so that I could shower, and put my orange attire on (stripped socks, capirs and white Tennessee t-shirt …..) and then I left to go and meet up with the rest of everybody. Gah. I called Matt and he was like “We’ll be leaving in like, 15 minutes, so just wait at the institute building (cause that’s where I was parked, and they had to park there, and it takes 15 minutes to walk from the institute to Haley’s, so it just made more sense to wait there…) well, 35 minutes later they FINALLY show up….had to wait for Haley to get ready.
  • We all met up, me, Darth Vol, Haley’s the Orange Pirate, and Buck, the local celebrity (he paints his bald head with checkers and he is ALWAYS in the newspapers and all over ESPN on game days.) and we made out walk down to the stadium.

  • While at the game the most interesting thing happened. Jake usually calls me really late, but my phone rang and it said it was him, so I answered it, well, turns out it was his most recent girlfriend. I think they’ve been dating for two weeks, but she called and he final words were “Don’t call my fucking boyfriend you bitch” and she hung up. Well, needless to mention he’s usually the one calling me and we’ve been friends for going on five years, and that most definitely trumps two weeks, I was a little bit (read extremely) upset. So yeah.
  • We lost the football game. It’s cause of the bad karma. Well, actually, it’s because Tennessee hasn’t been playing football, they just keep getting lucky. We actually were winning, until the last 10 seconds of the game, we just couldn’t hold our ground. It sucked.
  • After the game we walked back to Haley’s apartment where I cooked a pizza and we watched football till one in the morning (except for when I got a phone call from Chrissy and it made my night better because of Jake’s psycho girl friend.) and then I ended up here….typing this up for all of my (Chrissy) adoring fans. Haha.


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Girl's do it best…

So…tonight I went to a friend’s apartment for girl’s night/ Haley’s birthday, and Haley went to bed, and only I showed up. So Heather (Haley’s roommate) is asleep on the couch, and I am sitting on the couch typing boring crap on her computer! I would be working on my genre-less novel, but it’s at home…on my computer.

I don’t like LJ mixed with Firefox spell-check because it doesn’t let me check the spelling in the text entry section. It just tells me that it’s wrong. GAH. Then I have to keep guessing over and over again until I get it right. It drives me crazy.

So apparently I am un-date-able. Seriously. I just found out that every guy in the ward had a date tonight…and I am here watching CSI by myself…that is horribly exciting. lol. I feel like I am older then 18 years old. Today an old ex-boyfriend called me and asked me if he could come up and visit me. 😀 Now, laying aside that he’s my ex, it makes me very happy, but also puts a big “Don’t date me I’m not over my old boyfriends” sign on my face. Which isn’t true. (Honestly, we are just really good friends. This is obvious because I haven’t written about him at all…) but yeah.

The laptop is very hot on my lap, and so I am going to get off. Have a good weekend, and watch the football game tomorrow! UT vs. LSU!

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Words cannot explain…

Tonight I went to a football game at TSD (Tennessee School for the Deaf) and it was….interesting. The team lost, but I didn’t watch much of the game because I was watching all of the people sign. When I paused to stop “listening” it wasn’t very loud, but inside my head I could “hear” all of the people signing. It was really interesting. 😀 I liked it a lot. I have a few deaf friends, and I didn’t realize until tonight how much easier signing is for me, compared to the other kids in my class. About 5 people from my sign class game to the game, and they all kept looking at me, expecting me to help them out if they didn’t understand, and I did, but something else I started doing was even when i was talking to speaking people, I would sign. YEAH! I like it a lot.

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