perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to complain for a moment. But before I do, you should know: I adore facebook. It is a really great tool for keeping in touch with the hundreds of people I have met throughout my life. I’ve moved so many times that it is really the only practical way to keep up with people. I love that I can be a part of my friends’ lives, despite the thousands of miles between all of us.


But let me tell you something that really, truly drives me absolutely bonkers. Up the wall, crazy.

When my status update is something like:

“I have the perfect husband.”

Don’t come up in here and tell me your husband is perfect. Don’t. Just don’t do it. Ya know why? I’ll tell you:




He’s also not at my house cleaning the bathrooms on the weekends.

Plus. I really don’t want your husband. I’d much rather keep mine. Not only because he does laundry and dishes without the slightest bit of¬†animosity, he also loves me and tells me I don’t look like a whale and even though we’re both sitting the same distance from the fridge he still jumps up to get me a drink, and when I don’t feel like cooking he sweetly offers to make something.

So, when your husband starts cleaning my house… that is when we can start comparing husbands. But I would guess if your husband was cleaning my house there might be problems.


In other news… ¬†I might have a slight case of the crazies so… ummm… don’t mind me.

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quick facebook cleaning update.

I’ve finally figured out what my criteria actually are. Drum roll please…

Would I still add them as my friend today.

If I enjoy looking at their profile on ocassion, or like reading their updates, or had a significant enough attachment… then generally the answer is yes. Mostly the people getting cut are those friends of friends, and random classmates that I had one late night study session with three years ago.


Now… I’m going to bed.

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So sue me…

I have recently been deleting facebook friends. I’ve been at it for weeks, and I still have well over 600 friends.

Even though I am “unfriending” people I barely know, I still feel a little bad. I’m deleting people who I had classes with back when I was a freshman in college, or girlfriends of guys I was friends with two years ago, or people I met once at a YSA event.

I’ve always justify my large friend list with the fact that I went to many different schools throughout my life, so my list of friends is a bit extensive. There were 80 kids in my graduating class… and I knew all of them… and because I had facebook my senior year in high school, I am “friends” with all of them – but I don’t really want all of them in my life any more.

So how does one go about deleting people? Well, if some one pops up in my news feed that I don’t recognize the name, then I go to their page. If I have to look through more than 5 pictures to recognize some one, then I obviously don’t know them, or frequent their page enough.

I would never delete some one who I talk with, or whom I think would notice if I deleted them… but friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends… I’m saying good bye. When I pop a baby out of my va-jay-jay I don’t need complete strangers seeing pictures of my baby. I kind of wish I could re-do facebook… and only keep people that I like. lol. People that I talk to, and that I’m actually connected with.

Can I keep this account as an “address book” of sorts… and then make a second one where I actually update and put pictures and keep in touch with people? Because… ya know… some times I like to keep up with the drama of my old high school pals. Don’t judge.

So, do you have rules for who you add? And how do you determine when it’s time to sever ties?

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Facebook Ad Space

So B-man and I have a website over at, and I recently realized that we have “Ad Credits” with them, so I decided to try it out, and now I have a (small, short lived) ad on Facebook! lol. I don’t know that it will actually do anything, but it’s free, and kind of… interesting.

It just gives me a good giggle.
I am currently working on my “past-posts” and today I am going to try and get a post up with my Bridal shots from last August. Maybe I should start with Engagement pictures, and then Invitations, then Bridals… hmmm…
I’m also trying to transition my blog to my website because I want to have a little bit more control over my layout. Maybe. We’ll see.
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So when I type in “” it sends me to “” umm… some one is trying to mess with me… right? This is kind of ridiculous.

Tonight we are having people over. I am making Mexican food, and we are going to play games. Now i need to go take a shower, and then cook dinner, and then… enjoy myself. That last one will be the hardest!
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It has been…six monthes!

Goodness, it’s a good thing no one reads this journal, because I haven’t written in here in forever. Mostly I am just trying to get through college right now.

The University has started referring people to Facebook for more information on events, while my roommate is driving me crazy. I have been assigned to a new room for next year, sans any roommates. So that will be nice. Paul is a missionary in Albania now! Keven is in New York, Jer is in South Africa and David is in Rio de Janiero! Crazy how fast time flies and people just…. grow up!

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