baby #2 – the sequel

Our first baby is now five and a half years old. We had never really decided on how far apart any future children would be, but cancer came along and made that decision for us. Last summer, before our trip to Sweden, we got the okay from my oncologist. She’d have preferred a five year wait time – but at three years the chances of recurrence are incredibly low, and we figured that if the cancer comes back it would likely prevent us having future children. So… better now than never.


We started trying before our Swedish/Finnish adventure – back in May of 2016. It took us a year to get pregnant with Ginny. Optimistically I picked up this little family of four Dala horses while on vacation. I’d obviously hoped that we’d be successful earlier, with a goal of being not-pregnant by the summer 2017. I will have to delay my next cancer check up by a few months, but I’m feeling pretty good about this decision.

So Baby number two is due in early October. Ginny is slowly becoming excited for this new adventure, and B-man and I are thrilled to be adding a new member to our adventure team!

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self feeding

I realize I mentioned this before, when I talked about using glass items with Ginny, but that is only slightly related.

I breastfed Ginny. I still do. She is 14 months old and nurses at least 2 times a day, if not more. It’s kind of an “as needed” thing. Teething pain? Tripped and got scared? Too tired to put herself to sleep? Nursing soothes all of these problems. I’m not so quick to whip it out, lol, and we usually only nurse at home now, but up until recently nursing was actually still a huge part of her diet.

I really waited until she had stopped nursing with meals before giving her cow’s milk. And honestly, I still avoid it. Instead we focus on getting those dairy servings in other forms, like cottage cheese, yogurt, and other cheese products. I felt like giving her milk was counter productive to my desire to nurse as long as it was mutually beneficial.

We also, incidentally, did baby led weaning. Ginny has never been big on purees. In fact, if we would sneak a bite into her mouth it would often result in gagging, and then throwing up. She didn’t want them, and with how much she was nursing and her love of cottage cheese, my doctor assured me she would eat when she was ready. So I gave up on the purees. Instead I would give her some of whatever I was eating. If she was interested, great, if not – oh well.

When dealing with food, and life in general, it isn’t required. And I’ll say that. If I offer her something and she turns it away I’ll ackowledge he decision and say “That’s okay, grapes are not required.” If she comes to be 10 minutes later wanting a snack, grapes are todays snack, so that’s what I’ll offer. Eventually – if she’s actually hungry – she’ll eat some grapes. If not, she’ll wait for dinner. FYI: Things that are required are diaper changes, seat belts, sun hats, sun screen, etc.

She is still a very picky eater. She likes what she likes, and is hesitant to try anything else. I try not to stress over it, because she is gaining wait appropriately and clearly thriving. But it’s hard to let it go. Food has been a constant struggle in my own life since I was a young girl, and so I have to remind myself that my problems don’t have to be her problems – it’s a happy thought.


So now when we are doing our morning routine, for the longest time cottage cheese and yogurt required my help. Too slippery or thin for her to feed to herself with her fingers. With our switch to real cups, and real plates, I have been trying to encourage her to use the flatware too. Recently, it just clicked. This video is the FIRST TIME she tried using the fork (with out my demonstrating and encouraging).


And I can’t believe that is my baby. ūüôĀ

Also – an update to my post about glass things. Ginny has been using these glass cups a lot, and sometimes this happens:

And then¬†occasionally¬†this happens…

It didn’t break. She’s also tried to put them in the donate box, dropping her cup on top of another cup. Her cup was fine and dandy – the other cup broke. Since she moves her own dishes to the table, she is picking them up a lot. With this beginning stage she does drop a cup about once a day – and none have broken yet! I’m honestly completely¬†surprised, and also impressed. Especially since I paid $2 for the four of these cups!

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Baby foooood

I’m sorry if my over use of vowels bother people. I really talk like that.

Just like every other aspect of babyhood, Ginny has been a challenge in the food department. Today she is driving me a bit bonkers, because apparently she has given up eating (not nursing, just the regular… ya know… people food).

At 4 months our pediatrician suggested starting “solids”. So I dutifully strapped on a bib… wait. Nope. I stripped Ginny down nekkid, and we spent five minutes every night trying the baby food thing. She wasn’t into¬†purees. So… I have up on the store bought stuff. My sister-in-law bought me a baby food making kit for Christmas, so dived right into that.

Hours of my life wasted. I ended up giving it all to a friend.

Ginny hated baby purees so much that after just one spoonful she would vomit. Gag, then vomit. Usually wasting the last 20 minutes I had spent nursing her, plus the home made baby food.

So after tow months of this… I gave up. She’s a smart kid. She tells me when she needs to… umm… get stuff out of her body, and I decided to trust that when she was ready she would let me know she needed more stuff in her body.

Instead of focusing on actively feeding her we went to a passive roll. She would sit at the table with us, and I would put whatever we were eating on her plate. Cute up pieces of meat, pasta, veggies. Salty, sweet, plain or spicy. And… she started eating. She likes sucking on meats, nibbling on fruits, and even enjoys spicy foods. Go figure.

It’s kind of a strange dance, this parenting thing. And usually I end up doing several rounds before I get it right. As of today… 6 months after we started trying to feed her, Ginny will eat cottage cheese any time, day or night. It’s my fall back. She will also eat most fruits, or anything that I seem to be enjoying. Go figure. She likes buffalo chicken and veggies seasoned with curry. This isn’t surprising to me because I spent the majority of my pregnancy trying to make up for the lack of sugar in my diet with spicy food and curry chicken salad.

She also drinks from a straw. Which is nice because we can ask for a kids cup with water and restaurants and not have to carry a cup around.

We are progressing. She definitely has a sweet tooth, which I guess is understandable, considering my friend described the taste of¬†breast milk¬†as “melted ice cream”.

I guess this is just another example of having to trust the baby. She knows what she needs, and she lets me know.


On a similar note – she is a really good restaurant baby (for dinners lasting less than 2.5 hours). She is a people watched, and loves to just sit and look at everything going on around her. We have been taking her to restaurants since the very beginning – which seems to be playing out well in our favor.


And as a side note: My pediatrician recently said that there are staph infections that are being spread via public changing tables. People will use their changing pads from their diaper bags, and then take it and us it at a different place – spreading the infection. A couple tips to avoiding this? If you must use your matching changing pad, wipe it down when you are done. Which… is too much of a hassle for me. I usually check the diaper in the car before we go in to a store or restaurant, and then again when I get out. I would much rather change the diaper in my car. Since most places rarely actually have the disposable covers available – grab some paper towels to cover the table instead.

I’m only talking about this because a staph infection can be very serious and very scary and I love y’all. Be clean, be safe!

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what a smile

her sweet sleepy smiles have turned into purposeful smiles.

As B-man said, her first intentional communications.

She has been bright eyed since the day we brought her home from the hospital. She came out of the womb able to turn her head from side to side and look around. But now it is different. She becomes visibly interested when she sees the mobile above the changing table. As she sits in the swing she stares at the little black and white star hanging there.

But she also loves it when I play peek-a-boo with her. In the morning she smiles just hearing my voice. And this smile is the best thing in my world. I’m still trying to capture the wide mouth smile, but here is a beautiful, bright eyed smile from Ginny this morning.

The only problem I have taking pictures in her nursery is the shadows. The light in the middle of the ceiling casts shadows everywhere!

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brain dump

  • Boobs are really weird things. I’ve kind of always thought this, but now more so than ever. lol.
  • I had a root canal. It cost several hundred dollars. Several, severals – actually.
  • I went to a children’s consignment sale today and bought a bunch of cute clothes for Ginny. Well… my Mom bought them (possibly because I mentioned in passing about my root canal bill, and she wanted to treat me. Either way, I’m so¬†greatful for my Mama!). But she and I picked them out. I think I got 6 “outfits”. Three fancy dresses, one jumper, one shirt/leggings set, one set of adorable¬†pants, and a rainbow sweater. Most of these things are 6 months size, so they don’t fit her yet, but then will! All of them are Gymboree, Baby Gap and Crazy 8. I’m actually going to post about them later, with pictures, because I got a great deal! Gotta love a good deal!
  • Baby girl is growing so¬†much. Ginny is definitely more “baby” now, as opposed to squishy newborn. She:
    -almost has control of her arms, and can sleep (for a short time) with out being swaddled
    SMILES!!! Mostly just at me, but B-man has seen her smile too. For a while he probably thought I was crazy because every time I would get her smiling I would call him into the room, and then she would start crying. lol.
  • I have figured out the “Mom-Game“. That’s kind of how this whole thing feels to me. It’s a constant dance, trying to predict what is going to go wrong before it does so. I’ve even gotten to where I can tell when she’s thinking about trying to pee. lol. I think she is going to potty train early, because she really hates peeing. She has never sat in a wet diaper for more than a minute, but that minute is the worst minute of her life (if you could ask her!). And it’s not because of a rash or anything.
  • Not all babies are snuggly. Ginny lets me know when she is hungry and when she wants a binkie (some times she really just wants the binkie!), she tells me when she needs to burp, pee, poop, fart, and when she is tired. But she also tells me when she just wants to be set down. I spent a good amount of time checking diapers, offering food, binkies, and burping her. Finally I just set her down in¬†exasperation… and she stopped crying. lol. Often she would rather lay in her crib/baby gym/swing, than be held and snuggled. Sometimes this makes me really sad, but I have to remember that she is already her own person and she knows what she wants!
  • I have a Mobi, but with the warm weather it is not very practical for going out on walks, so we got one of those regular baby carriers, and we are going to go on a walk when B-man finishes work and test it out. Hopefully my independent baby won’t mind it so much!
  • Finding time to work out is kind of hard. My hips are feeling better, but now my toe is hurting. I still can’t put closed toe shoes on with out severe pain, so it’s going to be a while before I can do anything more than walk (which I can do in flip flops!).
  • I think it’s weird that I am old enough to be married and have a baby, but I still can’t rent a car. lol.
It’s is a new week, and I am on top of my game!
(except that I'm super sleep and want to go
 to bed but instead I am going to do laundry,
 go for a while, shower, make dinner and 
love on my baby. I never knew I could be 
so productive!)
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booby juice

This post is about boobs. My boobs in particular. I really don’t care for the word “breasts”, but I’ll try to mix it up.

I grew up around boobs. Lol. Sounds weird Рbut it was a very normal thing for me to see my Mom breastfeeding my younger siblings. She called it booby juice. I think being able to speak lightheartedly about breastfeeding makes it less awkward.

I’m not going to preach on the benefits of breastfeeding – I’m sure you’ve probably heard all about it. If you haven’t, then let me google that for you.

Personally, it wasn’t something I considered too much before giving birth. I knew I would try to BF, and that if it worked out then “yah!” but if not, then oh well.

When Ginny was born, she was not placed directly on my chest. In fact, she was¬†whisked¬†away and intubated and didn’t come back to me until 15-20 minutes later. When I did get to see her she was wide eyed and rooting around. I wish now that I had gotten a video of the way she moves around when she’s searching for food. It’s cute and burned into my brain. I put Ginny to my left booby – and she started sucking¬†immediately. I mention the side because to this day she prefers that side… which has resulted in my left booby being slightly larger than my right one – despite my best efforts to even things out). After a minute or two she stopped sucking, and her skin went from beautiful pink to slightly¬†pallid. I mentioned to Awesome Nurse that she had stopped sucking, and AN whisked her away, whispering to another nurse softly as she moved Ginny to the baby heater/thingy in the room.

I didn’t know what was going on, but Ginny had stopped breathing. I’m going to be honest, I had no idea what was going on. Which is probably good – because I would’ve been freaking out. Just as the NICU doctor was about to use a¬†defibrillator¬†on my little baby… she started breathing again on her own.

It’s called apnea. Thankfully it only happened once.

From then on I thought it would be smooth sailing. Ginny almost refused to latch on to my right side, but I did my best to convince her.

I don’t remember how it felt the first time. But it did hurt. Even when the lactation consultant said her latch looked good… it was still uncomfortable. Because honestly guys… it’s a baby… sucking on your nipple. Out side of breastfeeding – how often do nipples really get sucked on? lol. It’s new, and takes some getting used to.

Just a quick note. For the first 3-5* days all your boobs make is colostrum. This is a thicker “milk”. In one book that I read it said that for every 10 minutes the baby nurses she gets 1 teaspoon of colostrum. It is nutrient pact, but doesn’t satisfy any kind of “thirst”. That is PERFECT because babies are born with too much water in their cells – and that weight they loose in the beginning is literally “water weight”. Once the milk comes in it has two phases (each time you nurse). The foremilk is to satisfy the babies thirst. Mine looks like waterdown milk. It is still white, but it is almost translucent. After a few minutes, the hindmilk comes out. This is the more nutrient dense version, and it’s consistency is a lot more like 2% milk (in looks and consistency).

(* this is the average, and what they say in hospitals and books – but it is not true for every one.)

The first week B-man and I diligently tracked her feedings. We woke her up every three hours and fed her. My nipples still hurt. The lactation consultant had said it takes 3-5 days for the milk to come in, but at 4 days my milk had still not come in. Ginny was nursing constantly and still screaming. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong as I diligently fed her as much as I could. At midnight I called my Mom crying. I was doing everything I could, giving her everything I had, and she was still crying.

I handed my screaming baby to my Mom and collapsed in the rocking chair, while my Mom grabbed a bottle of the pre-made formula the hospital had sent home with us, and gave it to Ginny… who promptly stopped screaming and fell asleep after a few minutes.

Was there something wrong with me? Did I not have anything coming out? I was starving my baby! I felt like such a bad Mom. I wasn’t trying to starve her, but it hadn’t even occured to me to give her some formula.

That night I gave up all modesty. Up until that point I had been very¬†embarrassed¬†about breastfeeding, about having my boob out of my bra. But that night my Mom told me how to “hand express” milk, so that I could actually SEE that stuff was coming out.

At 7 days we went in for a check-up. Typically the doctor does a 48 hr check-up, and then a 2 week check-up, but because Ginny had lost a lot of weight in the first two days we came back at 1 week to check her weight again. But she was still down, so the doctor gave us more (free!!!) formula. So for the next week, each time I would nurse Ginny, I would also give her formula through a small syringe that I would put into her mouth next to my nipple.

It took almost 9 days for my milk to come in. How did I know it came in? Well friends… it is pretty obvious. My breast were hard. Poke your cheek bone. ¬†You feel that? Yah… your cheek bone under your skin. I would say that is what it felt like to poke my own boobs. Yes – they were that¬†hard.

But here’s where things got complicated. This is when Ginny had thrush. This is when she stopped nursing completely and was barely willing to take a bottle. So here I am with engorged boobies that hurt like h*** and a baby that wouldn’t nurse.

I had no intentions of buying a breast pump – but out of chance a friend of mine had been given a new own, so she passed on the one that she had already owned to me! So every time my husband fed Ginny a bottle, I would sit on the couch and pump. I would pump for 20 minutes and barely anything would come out, just enough to relieve a tiny bit of the pressure. It was very painful and uncomfortable – but it only lasted about 2 days. If Ginny had been able to nurse it probably would’ve gone down sooner.

I’m not a fan of pumping and try to avoid it at all costs. This is my own opinion.

It took another two days to get the thrush treated and cleared up. And this is when I realized that what my Mom said at the hospital was true:

The best breast pump is your baby.

Once Ginny’s thrush was cleared up she went right back to the boob. I feel so lucky that after all of these challenges she was¬†resilient¬†and still breastfed. I’ve heard so many people who’ve been unable to breastfeed because of small hiccups in the process of feeding their baby. So seriously – after all of this I am feeling really lucky.

My little Ginny is a month old today. Now for the secret it took almost 4 weeks for me to get this breastfeeding thing down. It took that long for every latch to be a good latch. It took that long for Ginny to willingly latch onto my right side. And ya know what? We still supplement with formula on occassion. When my Mom baby sits for us, Ginny gets a bottle. When I’ve stayed up all night with a baby that needs to burp and I lay her down just for her to sleep for 30 minutes, my husband gives her a bottle so that I can sleep. The next night, when Ginny has been nursing for over an hour and is still awake, half an ounce of formula tops her off and she sleeps almost the entire night.

I’ve been breastfeeding for a month. I have done a lot of supplementing with formula. I give my baby a pacifier** when she falls asleep nursing and wakes up when I take her off my boob. I give her a pacifier in the car. Binkies and bottle nipples have not cause any nipple confusion.

Why do I do it? I didn’t feel¬†in particularly¬†inclined to breastfeed before Ginny was born. But I planned to do it because it is free (win!) and easy (because I love my sleep and didn’t want to be making bottles at all hours of the night). Now I do it because it is free (win!) and easy.

But don’t be fooled. It’s not always the easiest thing. Having something that is so dependent on you, and you alone, is incredibly stressful and when things go wrong (like taking 9 days for your milk to come in), you feel very responsible for the screaming baby in your arms.

This is what works for us.

If you have a baby and have posted about breastfeeding before – feel free to leave a link to your post!

If you’ve had a baby, did you breastfeed? Was it always your plan, or just something that happened? Was it what you expected?

If you have not had a baby, what do you think about breastfeeding? Is it something you’ve thought about before? Tell me your thoughts, and questions! If I can’t answer them, there are several other Mamas that read this blog – so hopefully they can chime in too!

** People often “tisk” when I say we give her a pacifier. She’s been sucking on one since she was a day old. The NICU doctor told me about non-nutritive sucking. It’s a real thing, and several studies have shown that babies do benefit from the sucking – and that it is not solely for nutrition. Look it up… very interesting stuff!



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let me indulge a little

I’ve spent $152.43 on baby items. One of those items was a brown crib sheet.

The other item was far cooler.

Imagine with me for a moment that I am able to keep up this “getting dressed” things. Because that will be a crucial part of using this item.

I went to a consignment sale and gave a quick look over the strollers parked out front, and then spent an hour looking at the clothes and toys and baby furniture. After an hour, I gave up. I really wasn’t in the shopping mood. As I was walking out towards my car though… something caught my eye.

In case you didn’t know… I’m a big sucker for old things. Not tired, worn out, useless things. But things with a little history. So when I saw this, I… well I really wanted it…

It’s a ¬†pram. Which is umm… really cool. It had the bassinet in the picture above, as well as a more traditional stroller seat that leans back and twirls around and all of that. Behold, the pictures:

Pram with seat facing outward.


Pram with seat reclined, facing inward, the footrest is re-positionable.



It also came with the weather covers for both the bassinet and seat.




This company still makes prams… and they are rather fancy and kind of expensive. Like several hundred dollars expensive. For just the seat, or just the bassinet part. I don’t know exactly when my pram was made/used/bought, but it is in really great condition. Based on the pictures of prams on the Emmaljunga website, I am going to guess that it is at least 20 years old though. The white wheels are still white, the blue fabric is still vibrant and not faded in the slightest, and though there is one small stain on the seat – everything is removable and washable.

The last thing that really pushed me into buying this is that the bassinet can be used separately, and came with a stand. So while it is a really neat stroller, albeit a little impractical because when it is folded down it is kind of big (I knew that when I bought it), it is also practical because we have been looking to buy a bassinet to use for the first few months in our bedroom.

This blog should tell you several things:

  1. I’m a sucker for finding meaningful things. The age factor + the¬†impeccable¬†quality of this item really bought me over.
  2. I spent an entire hour just staring at this pram and taking it apart and playing with it before I bought it. I have extreme problems making decisions.
  3. I’ll spend a lot of money if I think something is high quality.
  4. I shouldn’t be allowed to go shopping on my own.
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I don’t like clothes.

And when I say “I don’t like clothes” I really do mean that I would rather stay in bed NEKKID all day long because… well… none of my clothes fit! lol. Up until last weekend all of my maternity clothes were “work” clothes.

They were comfortable, but not comfy. I still wear them to work.

But since purchasing a pair of maternity cropped blue jeans… and a few ruched t-shirts…

I have worn REAL clothes every day this week!

I only work Tuesdays and Thursdays… so the other days I was living in work-out clothes and pajamas.

Don’t judge.

I still plan to take pictures and share said clothing purchases with you all. But not today. I want to take the pictures outside. This requires good weather, and cooperative husband. Currently he is working… so I can’t exactly drag him outside to take my picture. No worries… I will prevail.


Every day I grow closer to being able to write about my struggles with depression. It’s going to be a¬†multiple¬†installment thing. It’s going to be emotionally exhausting, but I think I’m ready. I need to record those feelings.


I made a big purchase for ‘ze babe yesterday. But before I share pictures of that mystery item, I thought it would only be appropriate for me to show you the baby items I already have!

Both of these items are hand-me-downs. Both of these items were FREE! And, both of these items fit in perfectly.

First up: the crib

This crib has travelled the world. My parents bought it in 1998. It was my littlest sister’s, and then my little brother’s. When my parents helped us move into the apartment… this crib magically appeared! lol. They just brought it over.

Surprisingly… they still had the instructions and all of the nuts and bolts. I put it together by myself several months ago. Probably on a Wednesday, since I did it when B-man wasn’t here. It’s probably better that way. Anything involving reading instructions is usually more complicated when we are both trying to do it.

Next up: the glider

This was also a gift from my parents, and was bought around the same time as the crib.

Did I mention my little girl’s room is going to be blue and brown? Because it is. The glider needs a little cleaning (and it squeaks… so it needs some WD-40 as well), but I love it! It’s the only chair in our house with a foot rest. I sat in it yesterday… for about 45 minutes… just imagining holding my little girl and rocking back and forth.

Then I realized that rocking back and forth makes me feel sea-sick. So hopefully that goes away after the baby is born. lol.

My parents are also giving us the dresser that was mine when I was a little girl, which will double as a changing table.

I’m feeling a little bit behind. Like… shouldn’t this all be together and full of cute little baby dresses and butt-cream and stuff? Oh well.

Thaaaat’s all folks! Have a great weekend!

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ya know…

“You have a growth in your uterus, but don’t worry. But don’t worry, most people learn to accept it, even love it. Some people even name them!”

This isn’t a direct quote, but it’s the gist of Dr. House’s way of telling some one they are pregnant.

I laugh. I love that show.

But seriously! I feel like the only part of my (future) daughter I have experienced in her feet – as they kick me.

This morning B-man got up early and left for work around 5 am. He called me when he had parked the car, and we talked for a moment. When I hung up the phone the little wee-one was kicking, and then she stopped. So I decided to do some thinking out loud…. just for fun. Every time I spoke she would kick. It was really the first time I’ve felt connected to her at all.

Then I went back to sleep for 45 minutes. When the alarm went off I rolled over and hit the snooze button… but I couldn’t go back to sleep… because some one else had been awoken by my alarm… and she was having a dance party in my uterus.

For a while I was really cautious. My mother has a long history of many miscarriages, and so I didn’t want to become “attached” too early, knowing how much I am like my mother. But at 25 weeks, there is a good chance that if the baby were born today, she would live. I’m still cautious, but I’m more willing to think about a real¬†likelihood¬†that there will be a baby in my life in 3.5 months!


In other news – my husband takes really good care of me. On Tuesday I forgot my wallet at home, so I wasn’t able to buy lunch. This happens when you try to carry different purses at different times. lol. But this morning, right before B-man left for work, he woke me up to say goodbye, and then added “I moved your wallet to your work purse.”

It’s the little things like this, that make fall in love with him over and over again every day.


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List Love

  1. I can definitely feel the baby kicking now… all the time.
  2. I read Midnight Sun last night. It’s that half a book that Stefanie Meyer wrote that got leaked that she pouted about and then said she couldn’t continue writing it because she was so mad she just wanted to kill all of the characters. lol. That one. It’s just “Twilight” but from Edwards point of view.
  3. Unlike Harry Potter, I would never encourage any one to read the Twilight books. They just¬†satisfy¬†the 15 year old girl in me. My husband is¬†grateful¬†that I haven’t tried to make him read them.
  4. Yesterday B-man’s roommate from his senior year came done to visit. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and then we came back to the house and the two of them hung out. It was so good to have him visit. I realize that I recently complained about not having friends and hating it here – but I can’t complain. ¬†I do know people here, I have spent many summers in this area. I know people at church and I have friends at work. But B-man doesn’t. He works from home. He hasn’t met any one fun at church.

    It made my heart ache a little bit when Tim left to continue his drive back to school. I had enjoyed listening to them banter in computer talk, and I was all too happy to give them space (go read!), because it made me so happy to see the smile B-man gets when he is around friends. It makes me really wish that he had found friends here. He is an extremely friendly person, and has always hung out with my friends – but he is very smart. And while some might think that’s a good thing, I’ve realized that often times people don’t get him. They don’t get his hilariously funny jokes, they can’t follow when he gets to invested in a conversation about ports and software coding. So he¬†accommodates. And seeing him with Tim last night made me feel so sad – he was so happy. The smile on his face, so sweet. It’s a side of him I don’t get to see very often.

    I find nerd talk sexy.

    But finding smart friends for my husband has been something I am not very good at. If I find some one smart enough (and when I say smart I mean software/computer engineer smart. I realize there are other kinds of smart), then usually… they don’t get his humor. Such a tragedy.

    I feel like a Mama…. who has an incredible kid… but the other kids don’t see it! Except… he’s not my kid. But that’s the only analogy that makes sense.

  5. We finally watched our Netflix movie. B0man order one that has been holding up our qeue for… 3 months. lol. We’re thinking about down grading. We already have the smallest “unlimited” plan. 1 DVD at a time, unlimited returns, unlimited streaming. If we go any smaller, the DVDs wouldn’t be a problem, because we would be fine just getting 2 DVDs a month, but the next smaller plan has a 2 hour limit on the streaming… which could possibly be shorter than one movie. And THAT would kill me. lol.
  6. My TB test was negative. Yah! But, I do have a nice bruise on my arm from the needle. I guess it was just bad luck and maybe the nurse poked a small blood vessel or something. It didn’t hurt, but it did have me worrying that the test would be positive… but there was no little bump. Yippee!
  7. We bought girl scout cookies today. They were expensive. And not as delicious as I remember them being. This year we bought three boxes. I do believe in supporting the GSA program, but I think we might be only buying one box next year. They were $3.75 this year. The Dad there tried to tell me that at least we weren’t a little further north, where they were $4.00.

    Well let me tell you. When I lived in England and the cookies had to be shipped… trans-continental… the cookies were $2.50 a box. And part of me want to say they were better cookies. I know that you got MORE thin-mints then, by any means. Grrr.

  8. We are hoping to go on a date tonight. Maybe a movie date. We’ll see how I’m feeling in a bit.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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TIL what is feels like to be pregnant.

TIL… means Today I Learned. It’s a reddit thing. I poke around on reddit when I have nothing better to do.

This morning… around 6 am I woke up to my husband’s alarm. I told him to go back to bed until 8. We had a late night. I had kept him up talking about how much I miss Tennessee and miss having friends and that I want to move some where new because I don’t like living here. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but in general – I’m a runner. When things aren’t working out the way I think they should be, I usually try to avoid the place. I’ve moved more than 20 times in my life, so you could say that moving is the only thing that is familiar to me.

Needless to say it was a late night. So when the alarm went off I didn’t kick him out of bed like I usually do. Working from home definitely has its benefits.

Unfortunately – at that point I was awake. I had bad heartburn. So I went to the bathroom, took my usual medicine, and tried to sleep some more. This plan didn’t work out. I decided to read some more of the book I have been reading (I’m going to share more about that some other day). About 30 minutes later, when the medicine should’ve been working, I was still feeling crappy. So I got up, walked down the hall, into the other bathroom, and pulled out my mint flavored, wal*mart brand tums. I like the mint flavor. When I’m feeling yucky the last thing I want in my mouth in something fruit flavored.

I went into the bathroom, took the tums, and less than 10 seconds later I was puking! Yippee! Strange, since I threw up yesterday too. And ya know… since I’m well into my second trimester. Apparently the Greek salad that I stole from my husband last night was not tolerated well by my tummy. Crossing that one off the list.

After getting re-acquainted with the toilet (and making a mental not to clean it when I’m not feeling puky), I still couldn’t sleep, so I sat up in bed and finished off the book I was reading. The baby girl has been kicking a lot, and so I keep calling B-man and telling him to put his hand on my tummy… but then of course she stops.

Any one interested in a pictures of my arm?


I knew you would love it. The strange shadow is from my shadow. I don’t have two-toned arms. But I do have a circle and a band-aid on my arm. I have been meaning to get a TB test for this new job I am applying for. And I have been kind of putting it off. Considering the orientation is next Tuesday… and I need to turn the results in before then, I really did wait too long. I won’t get the results until Saturday. In my defense – I’ve been feeling crappy.

I am currently applying to be a substitute teacher with the local county schools. My sister is taking an ASL class, but her teacher is pregnant, and due before me. She was having a difficult time finding a¬†suitable substitute, because it will be a “long term” position (two months max), so the person they find needs to know sign language. My sister gave her teacher my name, and through another series of random and very lucky events I am all ready to take on my second job! I guess I am amazed that I have yet to apply for a job… definitely not complaining. I guess I never really understood what it meant to be in a “high demand”¬†field.


After the TB test (part 1) I drove to the post office where I complained a little bit. We are STILL recieving mail for people who no longer live in our apartment. And not just in our mailbox. The mail carier is actually driving through the complex, and walking up the stairs to deliver other peoples’ mail to us. I have filled out the “only deliver mail for these names” form…. twice. I have put our names on the mailbox and the front door. And I know for a fact that the last resident filled out a change of address form because his comfirmation came to my house and it said “If this is not your name, then don’t worry about it because it means the last person filled out a change of address card.” I’m a little bit annoyed because my mail box is no where near my apartment, so by the time I realize I have some one else’s mail, I have to go BACK to the post box. With the package I actually had to take it to the post office. It is just getting a little bit ridiculous.

On the way home my little girl was kicking my cervix.

Wanna know what that feels like? Let me tell you. Ya know when you go to the doctor for that annual PAP smear thingy and they poke your cervix with an extra long q-tip… and it is a bit uncomfortable? For some it probably falls past “uncomfortable” and into “slightly painful”.

It’s like that… but harder… and every 30 seconds.

But I couldn’t help laughing. I was driving home, and I was listening to some nice, relaxing piano music. And the bean kept kicking my cervix. (I guess it would be the equivalent of a guy getting kicked in the balls? lol). And this wasn’t just once every few seconds… it was constant. Over and over again. It was rather painful. Why now?! I’m trying to drive?! To help myself¬†concentrate¬†I turned the music down… and the kicking stopped almost immediately. I turned it back on… and she went at it again.

She was dancing.


No more of that. Music = off. (At least while I’m the one driving).



TIL something rather interesting about the genome project and the “evolution” of the penis. lol.


What have you learned today?

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The Video!

After lots of searching, and a little big of begging, I finally have a video of the beanie baby to share with you!

I had downloaded 4 different programs to try and edit my last name out of this video, as well as attempting to use a program I already owned. I was ready to give up. There was a guy I went to college with in Tennessee, but he transferred to a different school before we graduated. I recall him sharing videos of things he had edited, so I sent him a (ridiculously long) message (in spectacular blogger fashion I can’t just send one sentence e-mails). I asked if he knew of any free programs that would let me edit the name out of the video. He was so sweet and offered to just do it for me! So, I wanted to say “thanks!!!!” to Jimmy Helm. I knew going to college would come in handy one day! lol.


So with out further ado, our little Baby Girl makes her first youtube appearance!

I was very surprised to see HOW MUCH she was kicking and moving around! It wasn’t until just recently that I started to actually feel anything, so it is really¬†incredible¬†the amount of moving around she does!


Because of her location (she had her head right up against my cervix), and because of the amount of movement (maybe my throwing up just an hour earlier had jump-started her day), I actually had to go in for another ultrasound the following week to get all of the measurements that were needed.

I guess I have always been a worrier, so it was very easy for me to start thinking that maybe something had gone wrong and that was why I was not feeling anything. You can imagine my surprise to see a little gymnast in side of my. The technician told me that because my placenta is on the front of the uterus I probably won’t feel as much because that is one more layer the baby has to kick through. Good to know.

If you’ve had a 20-week ultrasound, did you get a video of the baby? I think it is possibly the coolest thing in the entire world!

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20 week ultrasound

My 20 week ultrasound was scheduled for Friday, February 25. The appointment was at 10:00 am. So I woke up at 9 in the morning and drank the 12 ounces of water that they had asked me to drink prior to going to the office.

Throwing up cold water is probably the best thing you could ever throw-up. By the way… just in case you wondered. Also – very strange feeling. (Total throw-up count is 3x/20 weeks)

So then I had to drink more water. I decided to do this a little more slowly.

The first part of the ultrasound was a little uncomfortable. Mostly because I had a rather full bladder, but I guess it makes it easier to get the images of the cervix. As soon as the technician was done with those pictures she let me go use the restroom before¬†continuing. I don’t know if that is standard¬†practice, but I thought it was very thoughtful, and showed how conscious they are about the client’s comfort.

I have a video I really want to share, as mentioned before, but it has my (very unique) maiden name in it, and that is something I have been trying to avoid posting on my blog. I’m still trying to figure out how to edit put something in the video to block that part. Once I do that – I’ll be sharing. ūüôā

In the mean time… here are some non-moving pictures of our little bean!





And those three little lines mean that we are having a

baby girl!

While I had wanted to not find out the gender until the birth, my Mom convinced me that it would be better to know ahead of time. While we are sharing this information, we will not be sharing any information on names. Partially because we don’t have anything picked out, partially because I want to meet the kiddo before we name her, and partially because I don’t want people to try and comandeer the naming process by convincing me one way or another about certain names. We will probably be using family names, but that too is up for changing!


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Appointment # 4 – quick and dirty

I’m starting to feel like some of these appointments are a bit of a waste, but I should just be thankful I’m not high-risk.

On February 18, 2011 I had my fourth doctor appointment. I took my husband with me, because I was supposed to do an hour long glucose test and I didn’t want to be lonely. But because I was on 19 weeks (not 20) the doctor said we would do it at the next appointment.

So all that happened was peeing in a cup, recording my blood pressure, the baby’s heart rate, and I got to ask some of my questions. I did get some good answers, so that was useful.

  • I asked about episiotomies, laboring at home, and the policy regarding IVs. She quickly quamed my fears about episiotomies – they are not a part of standard procedure.
  • The doctor also said it would be fine for me to labor at home for as long as a I can. I feel comfortable with this because the hospital is only 3 miles away, and my doctor office is only 1 mile away. She told me that if I choose to stay at home I would need to call in to the office and have “check-ins” and that they would advise on when to go to the hospital.
  • The doctor also said that the IV situation will depend on the circumstances. It would be fine to have the kind that isn’t attached to a cart if every thing is going well, that way it is there if we need it, but not restrictive.

I also asked about birthing classes, but I wanted to get ya’ll’s opinions. Did you do a birthing class, or do you think you will when that time comes? What type did you do?

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A bit of a freak out!

I’m starting to already worry about giving birth in a hospital. I really just need to start asking questions and figuring out what to expect. The sad part is that normally I would consider myself out going, smart, and able to stand up for myself. But as soon as I’m sitting in front of some one with scrubs on I freak out and can’t say anything! Some times I wish I could just make a vlog for them, and give them the link. Lol. Passive¬†aggressive¬†much?


I guess my problem is that I don’t want to write out a “birth plan” and just get laughed at (so to speak, I would hope the medical staff are more professional than that!). But I want to ask if IVs are¬†necessary/required (because 1) I hate them and 2) why would you give a perfectly healthy person an IV? I mean… if the options are right now, or after I pass out… wouldn’t it be easier to do it after I pass out?).


I have been reading a book recently. A very interesting, albeit narrow minded book about child birth. It’s “Your Pregnancy and Childbirth: Month-to-Month” and it is put out by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. You can guess which way it’s sided. Regardless, it is a very in-depth book about pregnancy, and the potential problems that can occur. Regardless of whether you are having a hospital birth or any other kind of birth – I would suggest this book. Why? Because their doctors – and it offers a unique view inside the human body that you can’t¬†necessarily¬†find any where else. It goes in-depth not only about the fetal development, but the changes in your body, the symptoms most people experience, what you can do to help them, and it offers suggestions on diet and simple exercises.

Unfortunately, this is also the book that scares the crap out of me. So – if you read this and already knew you weren’t giving birth in a hospital, then it would be easy to say “this doesn’t apply to me”. I am left thinking “I really hope/don’t want this to apply to me.” Things like episiotomies, and IVs and… why can’t I eat anything if I’m not taking any special medications? Why in the world would they do that to me? Sounds like torcher! “We know you’re currently pushing at least 7 pounds of baby out your vagina but think of it this way: if you don’t eat anything you might passout and then we can do what ever we want!”.


Does the word vagina bother you guys? What about uterus? OWN IT!


Oddly enough, the least scary part about having a baby right now is the actually birthing part. Weird? Maybe. But millions of women have done it before me – and my body knows what to do. It knows how to make this little sea monkey in my uterus – it sure as hates better know how to get it out!

Would some one please teach me how to think in coherent thoughts? Soon?

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