"Y" do you torment me…

Comment and I’ll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. After, post this in your journal, and give out some letters of your own

whoa_slowmotion gave me the letter Y:

  1. Yummy chocolate cake from the UT bakery
  2. Yall: as in…my friends. (I’m trying to be creative as Y isn’t exactly an easy letter.
  3. Yesterdays: my memories and my life.
  4. Yacking on the phone with my friends
  5. YSA: Young Single Adults program in the area…a lot of fun and great people
  6. Yawning (not only is in an odd word, but an odd thing)
  7. Yuletide festivities
  8. y as in…the unknown quantity that we are always searching for in stupid math classes (y = mx +b)
  9. yelling at football games
  10. yearnings for SLEEP

That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. GAH!

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Where have you been all my life… firefox!

I absolutely adore this whole firefox thing.

I just downloaded the Christmas theme, and it’s SO cute. I love it. I am totally addicted to these stupid themes, but in my defense, I deleted three themes before I downloaded a new one. YEAH!!

Hope every one had a good Thanksgiving. I sure did, and I will be going home again in like…2 weeks and a day.

CHRISSY: Let me know what’s going on, and I will try to stop by if you’re still around. I am going to be able to leave here on the 12th of December…so yeah for me! lol. I’ll come sleep on your couch and cook you breakfast. lol. Give me a call.

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It's beginning to look a lot like…. _____________


  • Put up and decorate Christmas trees
  • Go out with Ellen and have an awesome time doing so
  • practise song with Becca for Church tomorrow
  • sleep

This weekend has just flown by…

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Here's the plan…

It is 9:00 am right now.

At 10:10 I will turn in my works cited page

At 11:00 I will get a call from Nick about where to meet him.

At:11:30 I will be going to the airport.

At 12:00 I will be checking in.

At 1:00 I will be on an airplane.

At 5:40 I will be in Washington DC with my Daddy and my Dog.

And then I will sleep.

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What in the world is that you may ask? Well, for a fee of $30.00 your own personal USB hookup can keep your drink cold! You heard me right, you plug it into your computer, and your drink is kept cold. No more having to get up to get more ice, enjoy your ice-cold beverage just where you are. This is the latest in computer-must haves!

hahahha….so…..yeah. Thats NOT what I want for Christmas!!!

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Give me a break… or a kit-kat…. either is fine.

This may see selfish…but I hate it when my roommate skips class, because when she SHOULD be in class, I have a break, and I need a little time alone, but she has not been to class ALL FREAKIN’ WEEK AND THUS I HAVE BEEN WITH PEOPLE ALL WEEK AND I AM DIEING. I hate it. I haven’t had more then 2 minutes to myself at a time. I need to relax, but that is utterly impossible when she lays in her bed all day and talks on the phone really loudly. GAH!!!

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Curse our advances

Ok… so I moved from my room to the study room and left my internet cable in there on purpose, but now…thanks to the advancement in technology and the amazingness of wireless internet I can be distracted EVERYWHERE I FREAKING GO! gah. I am doomed. I have a paper due tomorrow. But I do have a most amazing topic that just completely came to me like 5 seconds ago. Previously I just had the average topic, the one that takes the teacher’s example and changes it minimally so that it’s not plagerism, but no…now, I am made of awesome too!

ETA: Thank you CHRISSY! also: earlier the girls (on my “no boys allowed” floor) where walking up and down the hall knocking on doors because they smelled “boy”. Haha, I must admit that there was a rather pleasant smell in the hall, but I was sure it was just some one’s body wash, but no, they were SURE it was a boy on the floor. Well, I walked down the stairs and came back up and I realized WHO’S soap it was (My buddy Morgan…she’s uber cool.) but yeah, it just made me giggle.

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Stare and Scare

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my ENTIRE FREAKING LIFE. Here are some memorable quotes:

-Brandon…you just ate 3000 calories…oh wait…this little triangle means…oh…that’s with out mayo. oops. (A McChicken, plus a BigMac, plus TWO double cheese burgers, but a large fry, a large soda and a McFrezey thing. ah! I about died laughing.)

-Jessica…why are you double cupping? (I am honestly aching as I laugh at this…again. What comes after this line?…) Quote, grabs your BREASTS before they run away. GAH!

-Messy Britches, what’s wrong with you!

-Can I get my McFreezy with MiracleWhip instead of mayo, I’m trying to cut back…

-Gosh Clare….you’re healthy. (Clare says:) well ya know what…shove it! Here Brandon…eat my lettuce… (And so he stuff the biggest piece of green…stuff in his mouth and says:

-Well, now I’ve had two double cheese burgers, a McChicken, a BigMac and a salad!

Ok…I was in absolute stiches the entire time, I started almost hyperventilating, and by the time we were leaveing, I was coughing up blood (thanks to the lack of oxygen reaching my lungs!)…but the we just laughed more. GAH! We had 6 people crammed in the tiny car where we proceeded to play “stare and Scare” down the main drag of campus. OHMYGOSH. The funniest thing ever. So here’s how this game works.

as the “it” person is kind of leaning out the window a bit, but not in an odd way…just average, like, he stares at a pedestrian on the side of the road and right as your passing them you scream. It is the funniest thing in the entire world. Like, for those of you lucky enough to see my panic attacks (which in actuality are very funny after the fact) this is like…amazingly entertaining, so much so that we went up and down the road three times before going home! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… lol. ouch.

-There are rules to this game…you can’t scare just any body. You can’t do it to foreigners, minorities, homeless people, hobos or anybody with a handicap sticker.


Any ways, I know this probably isn’t as amusing to any one else, but I had an amazing time!!!

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UT vs. LSU

I need a new word. One that describes, not a day, but the last time period of things going on. Like, the last episode of my life…yes. I think that will be what I use from now on…

So in the last episode of my life (Friday @ 10pm to Sunday early morning.) has been one of excitment. It always is. lol. Here’s what’s going down…in the normal font color (what ever appears on your friends page (mine is white…) are THINGS that have happened, and in a corrosponding color are the way those things made me feel. Ready for this?

  • Went to a party at Haley’s apartment because it was her birthday….we got pizza and a movie and junk food, and me, Matt, Haley (even though she went to bed before midnight), Heather, and other random people that only stopped by for a little bit watched tv and ate all night. good stuff. We went to bed around one in the morning (and it was just me and heather chilling in the living room. She fell asleep first and I was watching tv.
  • At 3:30 in the morning (just like every morning) Jake called me. I don’t think I’ve talked much about him, but we’ve been best friends since 7th grade and we talk every night on the phone. We didn’t when I lived in Germany, but before I moved to Germany we did, and then when I was there we talked like, on holidays and stuff like that, but we would chat and e-mail each other. But since I’ve been back in America he has called me every night, sometimes twice a night. (and I know this is random but…) on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays I just talk to him at 3ish in the morning because he gets off work at midnight, and he lives in Washington, so he calls me on his way home from work. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays I call him during the day and wake him up and then he calls me again that night we he gets off work. Some times we talk about stuff, but even when there is nothing to say, we call, just for the sake of calling. I guess we’re making up for lost time.) but yeah. This will be important later on….
  • At 7:30 in the morning I woke up and turned the TV and the heater off, and then i went back to sleep on the couch.
  • At 10:00 I guess the door woke me up, but I sort of twisted around to see the door and Matt was standing in the doorway and it scared the crap out of me and AH! lol. I jumped up and yeah. It was morning, and I was awake with no chance of going back to bed. Matt was there to get painted up for the game, and then Buck showed up to get painted as well. It was a lot of fun.
  • At 12:30ish I left the apartment and went back to campus so that I could shower, and put my orange attire on (stripped socks, capirs and white Tennessee t-shirt …..) and then I left to go and meet up with the rest of everybody. Gah. I called Matt and he was like “We’ll be leaving in like, 15 minutes, so just wait at the institute building (cause that’s where I was parked, and they had to park there, and it takes 15 minutes to walk from the institute to Haley’s, so it just made more sense to wait there…) well, 35 minutes later they FINALLY show up….had to wait for Haley to get ready.
  • We all met up, me, Darth Vol, Haley’s the Orange Pirate, and Buck, the local celebrity (he paints his bald head with checkers and he is ALWAYS in the newspapers and all over ESPN on game days.) and we made out walk down to the stadium.

  • While at the game the most interesting thing happened. Jake usually calls me really late, but my phone rang and it said it was him, so I answered it, well, turns out it was his most recent girlfriend. I think they’ve been dating for two weeks, but she called and he final words were “Don’t call my fucking boyfriend you bitch” and she hung up. Well, needless to mention he’s usually the one calling me and we’ve been friends for going on five years, and that most definitely trumps two weeks, I was a little bit (read extremely) upset. So yeah.
  • We lost the football game. It’s cause of the bad karma. Well, actually, it’s because Tennessee hasn’t been playing football, they just keep getting lucky. We actually were winning, until the last 10 seconds of the game, we just couldn’t hold our ground. It sucked.
  • After the game we walked back to Haley’s apartment where I cooked a pizza and we watched football till one in the morning (except for when I got a phone call from Chrissy and it made my night better because of Jake’s psycho girl friend.) and then I ended up here….typing this up for all of my (Chrissy) adoring fans. Haha.


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Girl's do it best…

So…tonight I went to a friend’s apartment for girl’s night/ Haley’s birthday, and Haley went to bed, and only I showed up. So Heather (Haley’s roommate) is asleep on the couch, and I am sitting on the couch typing boring crap on her computer! I would be working on my genre-less novel, but it’s at home…on my computer.

I don’t like LJ mixed with Firefox spell-check because it doesn’t let me check the spelling in the text entry section. It just tells me that it’s wrong. GAH. Then I have to keep guessing over and over again until I get it right. It drives me crazy.

So apparently I am un-date-able. Seriously. I just found out that every guy in the ward had a date tonight…and I am here watching CSI by myself…that is horribly exciting. lol. I feel like I am older then 18 years old. Today an old ex-boyfriend called me and asked me if he could come up and visit me. 😀 Now, laying aside that he’s my ex, it makes me very happy, but also puts a big “Don’t date me I’m not over my old boyfriends” sign on my face. Which isn’t true. (Honestly, we are just really good friends. This is obvious because I haven’t written about him at all…) but yeah.

The laptop is very hot on my lap, and so I am going to get off. Have a good weekend, and watch the football game tomorrow! UT vs. LSU!

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Words cannot explain…

Tonight I went to a football game at TSD (Tennessee School for the Deaf) and it was….interesting. The team lost, but I didn’t watch much of the game because I was watching all of the people sign. When I paused to stop “listening” it wasn’t very loud, but inside my head I could “hear” all of the people signing. It was really interesting. 😀 I liked it a lot. I have a few deaf friends, and I didn’t realize until tonight how much easier signing is for me, compared to the other kids in my class. About 5 people from my sign class game to the game, and they all kept looking at me, expecting me to help them out if they didn’t understand, and I did, but something else I started doing was even when i was talking to speaking people, I would sign. YEAH! I like it a lot.

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