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My classes start in a week. Next Wednesday. I already have reading assignments. These teachers are being very proactive and I don’t like it. I am taking a basic philosophy class. Last semester I started taking this upper philosophy class, and it sucked, so I petitioned to have a different one count (one that I had already taken) but what I didn’t realize was that it was fulfilling a requirement, and it can’t count for both so now I need another class. Thankfully this one is easier than the one I was going to be required to take. I hope that kind of makes sense. This teacher sent out the syllabus and it’s a very… odd… class. All writing, no tests, and it’s not about the material but “how the material influences you”… so it’s like a self discovery class. Gee thanks.

I’m also taking a class about how to use power point and the internet in educational settings. Hahahaha. Do you know what a waste of time this is for me? Huge! I have been helping people with this class forever, but I already know! Plus, it’s not actually applicable to my supposed profession as an interpreter. Great. Waste my time. No big deal. Only costs a butt load of money.

Then there is the dreaded educational psychology class that every one says is really hard. The teacher has already assigned reading. I hate reading. But only some times. Because apparently I kind of like reading. I hate required reading…? Yeah. That covers it.

AND THEN! THEN THEN THEN! I have… my internship. Yeah. It should be interesting. Fun. A good learning opportunity. I don’t know where I am going to do it, but I know that I should probably go apply for the one on campus so that if the one at the middle school near me doesn’t open up, at least I’m not behind.

I am kind of nervous. I don’t feel like I’m ready for this level… actually interpreting. I’ve done it before, but I am still nervous. Ah!

Continue the fun!

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  1. Go Jessica, Go! I've done a "how the material influences you class" but it wasn't set up very well. It was about EcoPsychology, so some of the reading was really interesting, but I realized I like a more structured. Good luck with your next term! We're on quarters so we don't start until the end of September, I'm so excited for you and the fact that you're starting an internship! I hope you have a blast!

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