Late nights…

B-man and I were up late last night. Like, until 5 in the morning late. Then he finally said “I’m pooped” and left the office for the bed in a zombie like fashion. We were playing that stupid Mouse Game.


My life.

So, I woke up at like… 2. pm. Yeah. I’m a lazy bum some times. But I got up, ate breakfast, got the used books in the car to take to McKay’s… and then the mother of all thunderstorms came rolling in. I was about to leave when I had to go inside and grab my purse… and then poof!

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN. So now I’m waiting. Because it’s raining. But that means I get to drive the truck since the car has no A/C and you can’t drive in the rain with the windows down. Hmm… the joys of life.

Continue the fun!

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  1. That kind of rain is my favorite, as long as I'm not caught in it! At least you were in the house? 🙂 The worst is when that rain hits here in between classes, because Oregonians are a stubborn bunch and refuse to carry umbrellas, everybody shows up to class soaked (wet books, wet notes, wet undies, the works).

    1. Yeah, we have random rain storms all spring and summer… I wear flip flops in the freezing March rain because I don't want to get socks wet. 🙂

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