See the Palm trees sway

Two years ago, when B-man and I were dating, we decided to get a phone plan together. He was on his brother and sister-in-law’s plan, and they had a different carrier than I did. The result was that… well… his ended up owing them a few hundred dollars in phone bill. So, off to the store we drove, where we purchased our first phones. Matching. Mine was pink, his was black.

Now, two years later his phone is broken, and the keys pop off of my phone. The speaker is broken on his phone. Any way, it’s been two years, so we were up for phone upgrades and another two years of selling our souls to the phone company. We dove right in for those “free” phones (that really cost and $18 upgrade fee and a $15/month data plan… free! ha!). I was dieing… unsure of which phone to get. TOO MANY CHOICES. But B-man, the voice of reason, choose the Palm Pixi.

Then when I gave up on trying to make my own choices… I did the same.

So, two days ago the box arrived!

The blue one was free, the black was $50. We’re going to buy cases for it any way, so it wasn’t a big deal.

It has a touch screen, and a keypad.  I promptly downloaded a ton of apps (on our wifi of course, not wanting to use up the data plan since we opted for the smallest one.) and got to playing. It can play tilt games, and the camera has a flash, and if you move your finger different ways on the screen it does different things, like closing programs, going “back” and opening up different options. It’s faaancy.

It is the same height as my other phone, but half as thick. And it does a million more things than my other phone did.

Woot! And by the way… I’m getting a pink case! lol

Continue the fun!

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