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I’m a failure at life wife, and I need to rectify it ASAP. I don’t know what got into me, but over the last year… I’ve gotten kind of selfish… and lazy. lol. Night classes will do that to a person. So, here is a list of things I have been doing… poorly, and then how I want to fix things. Note that while a lot of this is inspired by my husband, not once has he criticized our judged me. He mentions things in passing, but never accuses me. I feel like he deserves better, and I need to BE better – for him, and for myself.

  1. Being lazy. Hahahaha. I guess this last year has been a nice break from what is usually a very stressful existence. Not that I haven’t stressful events, more that I haven’t felt the need for anti-depressents in a long time (woot!). But I have gotten in a terrible habit of sleeping in, avoiding cleaning, and cooking… and asking B-man to do things I am completely capable of. Ya know, like when he’s playing a game in the office, and I’m watching TV, I’ll ask him to get me a drink. Umm… I’m terrible. lol. The biggest “lazy” problem I have is sleeping too much.

    Solution: Last night (at 4 in the morning) we decided to set a bed time. We have some friends that recently did this, but really, we did it for ourselves. It’s the first step in a long walk.We’re going to be going to bed at 11, and getting up at 7. Pretty cushy, huh?

  2. Not cleaning. Yeah… I tend to try and not clean… a lot. B-man does the laundry, and the dishes… and he vacuums too.

    Solution: I don’t like doing laundry… because it is in the garage with all of the spiders – but I am going to help fold. Word. I hate doing the dishes, but if they’ve piled up, and B is busy – I’ll take care of it. And I guess I’ll start vacuuming. Every Sunday? Sound good? Should I make a chore list?  Umm… probably. lol.

  3. Cooking. I used to love cooking. I don’t know what happened to me… probably school happened to me. It’s just so much easier. But that needs to stop. This ties in with the bed time. If we go to bed earlier, we can get up earlier, and B can be done with work earlier, thusly giving us plenty of time to get dinner together, instead of him finishing at 9, when we’re both famished!

    Solution: I have a menu planned out for the next seven days. As soon as I’m done with this, I’m going to write it out on the fridge white board. We’re also going to try and be more consistent in having dinner at the same time every day.

  4. Myself. I’ve stopped taking care of myself. I’ve gained a lot of weight. B-man pointed out that I am dressing rather sloppily as of lately. I also have stopped putting make up on… even when we go out!  Part of the problem is that I have gained so much weight that most of my clothes don’t fit any more. The other problem is that I just don’t like the way I look, and I don’t want to spend money on more clothes.

    Solution: I am doing the food blog again,  taking a picture of everything I eat – holding myself more accountable. It’s easier with my new phone. 🙂  Since we’ll be eating at home more, it should be easier to keep better tabs on what I’m eating. I’m also going to be getting up earlier, so I am planning on riding my bike a couple times a week. Tomorrow I am going to ride to the farmers market in the morning!

That’s all I can think of right now, but it’s a lot. Have you ever had a moment like this? Where you look in the mirror and go “where did this person come from!?!?!” What got you there, and what did you do to get better? Any one ever had this experience, but in a positive version?

ALSOOOOO! I bought the final pillow for my bed today, so… after I move all of the crap off of it that I took out of the bookcase I was moving out of our room… and once I’ve made the bed, I will be taking pictures and posting! I am SO excited to share it!

Continue the fun!

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  1. I think everyone falls into a rut during various stages of life. Unlike you, many either do not recognize it or don't want to admit it…so they end up not changing. You, on the other hand, have recognized this, and have made a positive plan to rectify it. Good going!

  2. I got to that point in February, not being happy with my work. I was stressed out and had a tendency to react very quickly to what my husband said and get into petty arguments for nothing.

    So I started doing sport more often. My turning point was on the family cruise, when I did a 30mn full body workout class with his sister who had no problem doing it while I got in a full sweat. I considered myself fit until that class. I realized that hiking once a week was not enough. So since then I've been running more (I did better in the spring months when it was cooler), doing the workout they taught us on the boat, and I'm trying yoga too now. I ran two 5K races since the beginning of the year (I run 3 miles everytime I go for a run).

    And let me tell you it's made such a difference, not only have I lost eight (6 pounds I think- we don't have a scale at home), but I am so much nicer to my husband and just easier going with my life in general. So yes i know the feeling.

    Looking at your food journal, if I may. Just cut of the sodas completely. Diet or not, the best thing to drink is water. If you have orange juice in the morning, cut it off with part water. A survey found that the body does not recognize the calories that we drink. Meaning that if you eat 50gram of sugar the body will (usually) naturally compensate and you will eat less. If you drink that 50g, it just doesn't register it. So the body will still eat that extra 50g. I don't know if it makes any sense as you read this, if not let me know and I can tell you more.

    Good luck with cutting off the fast food, it's hard in this culture.

  3. Um, I'm totally right there with you. I swear, when I have half second off from school/work, I'm the laziest person EVER. Getting me to vacuum/pick up is like pulling teeth. Everyday I make plans to tidy up, but it doesn't happen. I cook, but only because it's my emotional release. Some days though, I'm totally like "Eff it. Let's order pizza." Also, I've gained 20 pounds since the wedding so, crap. I feel you. I did cut out fast food, it was crazy hard at first, but it gets easier and easier until you don't even crave it. If you want help with that I suggest watching Food Inc, it will help you steer clear of fast food for awhile!

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