Star Stuck Press # 3

So… have you ever been snowboarding? With Mario? lol. It really is one of my favorite memories from high school. He was cute!

Transcription below.


Fun fact #… who knows!?! I really enjoy skiing, and snowboarding. I learned to ski @ age 10, when my family took a trip to Germany. Later my family would move to Germany, which is where the fun starts. Every January we took a week-long trip to Austria. One year, I decided I wanted to learn how to snowboard. Don’t – you’re just asking for pain. The best part was that January is the off-season, so by default, I had private lessons with a 20 something Austrian boy. My high school dreams were fulfilled as we at at the top of the mountain, chatting and sharing frozen Coca-cola gummies. Ah…. romance. I still love those coke flavored gummie… they get me thinking about snow, Mario, and the time I fell of the t-lift and Mario had to come save me from the snow drifts. Those were the days! Except the pain… snowboarding really does hurt!

Love, Jessica @ One Shiny Star

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  1. Nope, never been snow boarding. I've been skiing, but must say, I spent a lot of the time either snow plowing or introducing my face to the snow. Didn't hurt much more than my ego though. Now, I stick to snow angels, snow people, warm fires, lattes, and friends in front of a fire. :>

  2. I was put on skis when I was about a year and a half. So skiing I know for sure, it's like riding a bike, I'll never forget.

    Now snowboarding, I tried when I was 10ish. I had a lesson in the morning, had to take the teleski (a pain), fell a lot, but the worst was that it was early spring and the snow was melting and I was drenched within 30mn.

    Because of it, my friend who had a lesson that afternoon got taken on the lift and up where the snow was still nice, she learned a lot that evernoon and I only went back once, but I stick to skiing. My husband snowboards.

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