Give me a minute…

I’m kind of really pissed right now.

Anger is my cover.

My Mama always said “Anger is a secondary emotion.” Meaning, it is brought on by things like broken hearts, hurt feelings, embarrassment, ect.

It’s true.

I’m scared. Upset. Frustrated. Annoyed. All of the above + more.

You would think that, as some one who has moved more than 20 times in her life, I would be well accustomed to this crazy adventure. But instead I’m just dragging my heals. Plus B-man is being a pain in the butt. You see, we’re moving to Virginia so that he can work 6 months with his current company, before moving to another company. Which means… we’re going to move up there, find a place to live, and then possibly move again. I’m a little bit upset because he has been offered a really good job, further south than his current job, one where I would love to live closer to (compared to his current job)… but he won’t say for sure whether or not he is even interested in it.

I pine for something solid. Something to cling to, to be prepared… stable… and yet he just wants to wait until the last minute for everything. And it’s driving me f’ing crazy. CRAZY! It’s not a good thing for me.

I will not look at apartments or houses. I will not look at how we are going to move our crap. I will not do anything move related. Why? I’m rebelling. If he wants to put his decisions off until the last minute, then I can do that do. Right? No… I’m the responsible one. But I can pretend.

Continue the fun!

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  1. I know it can be rough. I hope that the move (which ever direction goes smoothly. I think I'm about 15 minutes north of you now, so of course it's time for you to move!

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