This is my already mentioned, but still existing and more permanent than before news.

Funny story! I didn’t get my license until I was 17, and I didn’t actually start driving (regularly) until I was 18. Living in Germany, I couldn’t get my license until I was 17 years old, and so my parents helped me get it, but just so that… I dunno… I would have it? lol. I only drove like, twice in Germany. But, as soon as we got back to the states my parents bought me a car. A cute, efficient, stick shift, teal, 1995 Honda Civic. It had two doors, and so much tinting on the back window… it took me hours to peal all of that crap off. But it was mine. And honey, I drove that car… a lot. My mom would send me for errands, and I would drive around the neighborhood, stopping on hills just so I could practice not rolling backwards when I started driving. They sent me off to college with this car. I still have it. So, for the last four years I’ve been driving this car:

It still gets amazing gas milage, and despite all the dings that have been inflicted by years of parking garages, and my sister backing into it, my car is holding up pretty well!

But the lack of A/C is a real kicker, especially living in TN – it’s hot, AND humid. Plus, when we travel with the dogs, the car is packed, and super hot as Gretel pants her little heart out. While it will be great for commuting to class and back all winter, it is not really the best for 8 hour drives across the country with two dogs.

My mom knows we have been looking into buying another car, and so she will sometimes call me and say “Toyota is running this deal” or “so and so is selling this type of car.” And we just weren’t feeling it. And then, one day, she mentions that a close family friend was selling a car, it was in fabulous condition, and at a great price. So, we jumped! I called the bank, took out a small loan, and Brandan and I bought a car. This was my view from the hot civic last Sunday, and my husband drove home to Tennessee with the dogs in the cushy new car!

The bum. But it was good for the dogs, who definitely got overheated on our drive up to Virginia. So, what did we buy? Well… a small SUV. lol.

We got a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee!

It is a pretty blue color, and SO fancy compared to our other car. And in case any one is thinking about stealing it… it has an alarm. lol. And a clicker! Ya know… the locking button thing? Yeah. That. And it has AIR CONDITIONING!!!! Which is probably the best thing ever. It also has the temperate/compass feature, along with telling you your average mpg, your instant mpg, how many miles until you need gas, and how many miles since your last oil change… among other things.

Sadly, this makes us a two car family. It was something I was trying to avoid, but since only one of us commutes, and when we go somewhere, it is together – it’s okay. I dunno. Honestly, when I pick which car to drive, I think about how wasteful it is to drive the Jeep by myself when I am only going a few miles, and it makes it easier to deal with the lack of A/C. lol.

Overall, I am happy with our purchase. When I graduate from collage my Dad asked me what kind of car I wanted… and I said Jeep. He almost got me one, but then my mom said no… so I got the civic. I guess you could say my childhood dreams are coming true!

Continue the fun!

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  1. Yay! I love new cars, especially not-brand-new-but-new-to-me cars! So much cheaper, and just as awesome! I would love a new car…we're still rockin' a '97 Accord coupe!

  2. Yay for a new car!!! Our new car has AC that can kick any other AC's butt. It's wonderful! Enjoy it cause it's worth every extra penny of gas you spend on it. 🙂

  3. The AC is out on my 2002 Saturn for the SECOND time this summer. I'm not looking forward to the repair bill…but it will be worth it to avoid driving with windows UP in this 100 degree weather during a rainstorm! My commute home yesterday was MISERABLE. Ugh. Being a grown-up sucks sometimes…

  4. Congrats on the new car!! I know exactly what its like not having A/C in hot weather!! Mine conviently went out at the end of May. Convienent, huh?! Enjoy your new Jeep! :>

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