Oh… shiny!

It’s been a long two weeks. B-man left me to go house sit for his brother, and I stayed home to finish my classes. Then I drove up to VA as well to chill out, and also house sit…? lol. Yeah, both of us didn’t need to be up there, but that’s okay. It was fun to play house….well… really it was just fun to sleep.

B-man and I also bought a car up in VA, and I will be blogging about that… tomorrow. Once I have pictures.

I have to apologize though, because honestly… I haven’t been reading blogs. ALL WEEK! I didn’t think it was possible, but this definitely means I’m not addicted. But tomorrow I will also sit down and read the past week’s worth of blogs. I promise. You’ll probably get random comments on a post from a week ago! lol.

I am exhausted. Vacation is never what it should be. Has any one been on a true vacation? Not just going out of town, or staying in a hotel, but actually getting some quality R&R?

Continue the fun!

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