My toes…

I’m trying to be a fancy person… sort of.

When I was growing up my Mama would go and get her nails done regularly. I remember, some times she would let me tag along with her, I don’t remember if she ever let me get mine done… but I remember feeling so grown up getting go. Even when I was ten, and living in England, it was kind of a fun adventure to go down town. Oh… now I remember. lol. She would get her nails done, acrylics probably, and then we would go home, and she would put those fake nails on me. But seriously – I thought it was the coolest most grown-up thing ever!

Now that I’m older I dread an event that required decent nails. To be honest, I think they hurt. I can’t play piano with fake nails on, and I can’t just get my nails done because… well… I bite my nails like crazy. So, instead of treating myself to manicures… I go for the toes. 🙂 Usually I go with my Mom when ever I’m in town… so… every 3 months… usually longer. This most recent trip though, she’s been very busy, so instead I am going to go with my sister-in-law… mostly because my toes are looking a little grungy. The nice thing about going with my Mama is that she pays for it, but I don’t mind…. as long as they take debit! (I never carry cash).

So… there you have it. My dirty little pleasure is getting my toes painted by a stranger. What’s yours?

Continue the fun!

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