The tales of a troubled bedroom.

This has nothing to do with sex. When I say bedroom, I literally mean the room with my bed in it. Since Easter, when I went to visit my Aunt in Nashville, I have been feeling very underwhelmed about my own bedroom, as her guest room was absolutely incredible. The bed was so luxurious with the different textures and tons of pillows… here… it looked like this…

So I have been amassing a collection of bed linens in an effort to make my own bed a tad bit more interesting, and fun. So today when I went to Ikea, I bought a new duvet cover, and a new quilt with two shams that match. Then I also have my pink and seafoam green linens that I bought earlier this year. I realized that a white bedspread was asking for trouble with Zuko, who runs inside after dancing in the mud, so he can dance on my bed. It is cute, but not when it means I have to wash my blanekts constantly. The new duvet cover is a silky brown/gray. It should balance out the pink, and hide some of the puppy prints. I also bought an adorable rouched blanket to go at the end. It is not very practical, but it is very cute.

Also, I am going to be hanging my chandelier from my wedding in our bed room, and it is not possible to run it with wires to make it a functioning light fixture, but I bought a set of super cute led lights that I’m going to wrap around the whole thing, and it has a switch on it, so hopefully…. this will work out. Ummm… and I bought a light for by the kitchen sink, because the one we used to have in there died… dead… gone. Very practical.

That’s all. Aside from my random bed linen shopping spree, I have been chilling at home, bothering B-man while he works, and celebrating my grades. Oh, didn’t I tell you? My summer classes are FINISHED! Yippeeee! And I got an A in Western Civilization, and and a B+ in World Religions. Not too shabby. I am very happy with it, and that is what is important. lol. 8 semesters, and 1 summer of classes done, ONE SEMESTER LEFT! And… for some reason I can’t explain… my scholarship has been increased, so next semester, even though I am taking 15 credit hours, my tuition will be less than $1000! Woot! There is plenty to party about!

PS: When I get my bed all made up, I will take a picture, but I am worried that the color of the bed spread might not photograph well… so… I might not post  a picture. It all depends.

Continue the fun!

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  1. You should do a before and after piciture set. Your aunt's guest bedroom looks very inviting. Although personally I hate having too many pillows on a bed, sure it decorates, but you have to remove them every night and put them back every morning. It's only worth it for guest bedroom in my opinion.

    PS: I love and adore IKEA.

  2. The new duvet cover sounds like it will look great with the sheets. I'm right there with Cécy in hoping for before/after pictures. I'm obsessed with seeing how other people set up their homes.

  3. omg i am not allowed in home good sections of stores, cuz as soon as I see one thing i like I plan my whole apartment around it and see all this stuff that matches…and feel bummed I can't get it!

  4. You must post an after! Cause I think I know each item from IKEA you bought and I want to see them all together! 🙂

    I'm in a decorating kind of mood too. I'm starting my crafty room…it's a progress so far, but we'll see how it goes.

  5. My bed never looks good. Eric and I can't share a blanket, so we have two comforters on our bed (that don't match). Neither one of us seems to have time to do the dishes, much less make our bed up. Plus, our bed is Fender's favorite sleep/ chew stuff spot. We do have some really nice and comfy sheets. When we have a larger house and a bigger yard for Fender to play in, I think I'll get a nicer bed set to keep him off of. lol

  6. I love big beautiful beds like the one you showed – but I find them entirely impractical! Where do you put the pillows?!?! We have two "decorative" pillows on our bed and it annoys me to no end that we have to remove them every night to the top of the dresser. But at least they look pretty when the bed's all made.

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