Happy Sunday!

Tomorrow B-man is going into work, like… really. So I will be staying home, doing nothing. Which means I will be able to really blog. Or I might be going to Ikea… and then really blogging. lol. I haven’t decided yet. In the meantime, I wanted to share another guest post I wrote for Jenna over at That Wife.

This second one, as much as it is about religion, it is also about my own personal struggles to find some kind of worth in my life. I talk about my struggles with depression a little bit, and of course, I talk about B-man. Feel free to check it out!

Part Un
Part Deux

And there you have it – the magnitude of my French. lol. I did take two years of French, if you would believe that. But… I would definitely still be the last person to ask for a translation. Unless you need something translated into American Sign Language. Then call me up.

Continue the fun!

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