Staying Strong, All-night Long…

So, tonight I pulled my first “all-nighter”. I mean, I’ve stayed up till five in the morning, slept for two hours and gone to class, but it is 7 in the morning and I am still going strong. lol. Here’s how the day played out:

  1. I went to my English class where we had get to know you friday, which officially is my favorite waste of time. We pick a question, then as she goes down the roll call we each answer the question and today’s question was “What is your most irrational fear” and that took up like 45 of the 55 minutes of the class, then she talked about signing up for english 102, and we were done! WOOT!
  2. I took the bus to my dorm…now what I did there is a complete mystery because I don’t remember, but I do remember leaving my dorm, walking to the bus stop, then getting off the EW to catch the NS bus, and that was a hoot! lol. Not really a problem, just kind of a pain since it was raining.
  3. I took the bus to the institute building where we have friday forum every friday. Pretty much a different ward/stake/area member comes and talks to the group that shows up for about an hour and we eat free food. I mean… food. I would come if I wasn’t mormon! lol. The thing is, today the speaker came early, and some one else was there early, but they got there when brother R was gone to get the food, so they thought it had been canceled so they left….so really it was just free food with interesting converstation about different parts of church history.
  4. After that I sat on the back porch of the institute building with John and we talked for about 3 hours about History. Mostly WW2 and all the different aspects of that. But it was fun and interesting, because John is such a sweety. WOOT! lol. he really is a great guy. But then we were talking, and i lost track of time, and I realized it was 3:30, and my choir rehearsal started at 3:30, so I was like “ah!” and Matt showed up at the oppertune moment to offer me a ride so i didn’t have to walk in the rain! YEAH! lol.
  5. I then had choir rehearsal where we practised Mozart for 2 and a half hours straight. EH. I am really starting to not like music as much as I used to…..sadly. But it was good. Our concert is on Sunday, and it is going to be amazing. =D
  6. After choir rehearsal I went to dinner with some choir friends. Ok…gay people talk about sex more then any one I have ever met. There was not one remark at the table that was not sexual in some way. And it was very uncomfortable, but at the same time funny. ๐Ÿ˜› 3 gay men and 2 straight girls in the perfect combination. It’s interesting…like…they hug and kiss me (cheek…) and it honestly doesn’t seem like anything to me. I am such a touchy feelly person, and I know that I kind of stopped being that way when i moved to germany, but OH i like it. lol. (That was not sexual at all…just honestly what i was thinking.)
  7. After the dinner I had like 30 minutes to find and put together a costume, and so I wrapped a sheet around myself, and I am going to have to put this stuff back on because every thought I was wearing a formal….it was very amusing. like, honestly, if I had owned this sheet bad in highschool….I would’ve worn it to prom. I shall try and get a picture up soon. ๐Ÿ˜›
  8. So I got ready and WENT to the halloween party, which was not the high light of the evening, but it was most definatly fun. lol. A little bit of dancing, some apple bobbing, a sack race and a costume contest, but like, I dunno. I may go into that more later…but probably not. It was just odd…..BUT:
  9. From there a group of us went to IHOP and I didn’t think I would need money, so I didn’t money or anything, and it kind of made me laugh, because in Germany I never would’ve considered needing money at any sort of church function, but here we hang out, then we go to a church thing, the we go eat, then we hang out more! It’s pretty intense! lol. (For example, yesterday, we went to a baptism….then we went out to dinner. It was good. But yeah….any who. ALWAYS…lesson learned.) But I just got water, cause I had eaten a a little bit before (previously when I mentioned dinner, while I did have a sandwhich in front of me only about three bites made it into my mouth….Chrissy, this conversation was… Like…ew… Gayness is something very new to me. but we spent the time talking about what they do when drunk! it was…disturbing, yet amusing. lol. But yeah, not much food eaten there. So when we went to IHOP (I was almost tempted to type iHop…haha…) I just got water, 1) cause i didn’t have money and 2) cause I had eaten a bit before and was planning on going home to eat a bit more. Well, apparently that’s not allowed, and….completely with out asking me and ANYTHING this guy (his name is Brian he’s obviously nicer then I thought he was….) ordered me a smiley face chocolate chocolate chip pancake. ha ha. It was amazing.
  10. So, after that my ride left with out me, so I ended up at Kelsey’s house for the “Let’s watch Montey Pithon” cause that’s what we quoted at dinner (ok…dinner started at midnight….) and after mr. montey we told ghost stories, and then after that we watched saved, and then after that it was 7 in the mornning and My Pancake hero gave me a ride home
  11. and now I’m here…. writing a journal entry at 7:23 in the morning!

Isn’t life beautiful? I had a wonderful night. The most recent funny thing is the guys out side my window that keep repeating the Rufio chant from Hook where the leader goes “Rufio, rufio,” and the lost boys yell “RU-FI-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” So yeah. My most recent amusment. I am going to go now because I have a baptism to go to at 10. And I am thinking I can go and get a nice big breakfast and WOOT. Man…i am relaxing this weekend, it is going to be awesome….except sunday, which is going to be stressful. But oh well.

Continue the fun!

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