No, I don’t have a diagnosed case.

But I mean… I have before.

Ladies and Gents, it is AFTER 5 in the morning. No, I am not being extremely productive and waking up at the afore mentioned hour. I just haven’t gone to bed yet.

Why, you ask?

Isn’t it obvious? No? I have no idea. My back is aching. Almost as bad as the day I hurt it 3 weeks ago. But, the little dog is being snuggly, so maybe he can convince me.

Ha! Now that I look… BOTH of the dogs are sleeping.

No more watching TV for me. The problem with the TV is not that it keeps me up, but that it puts me asleep mid-day. Yeah… I took like a three hour nap today, even though I didn’t wake up until it was practically afternoon.

I need my husband to bring this nonsensical awakening to an end.

Oh… and I’ve been stressed. My doctor told me that my anxiety triggers my depression, which keeps me awake.

You mean that explains every thing? Go figure.

Sorry for posting twice. I know, I haven’t posted twice yet. This is post number uno. Later… in about 5 hours… there will be another post. A post I’m kind of excited about. I pre-scheduled a post! For a Sunday. This is weird. What is my life coming to?

My brain, dear friends, has turned to mush. Thankfully I bought a new shampoo, so at least I have great hair. You don’t believe me? Well… I do have great hair, but I don’t have great clothes, or make-up good enough to make the purple bags under my eyes disappear… so you will have to just imagine my great hair.

I’m not going to go back and read that, but I’m sure it doesn’t make sense.

Good morning!!!!

PS: My neighbor apparently gets up at 5. And her sink faces my office. So for a while, I thought she was just staring at me. Creeepy!

Continue the fun!

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