Good ideas…

I did take a nap. It was perhaps the best nap ever. Not because it was good quality sleep… but because I fell asleep SO fast. For some one who can lay in bed for hours with out falling sleep, it is a miracle that i can take a nap. It was probably a good thing too. B-man and I did go see the new Twilight movie this evening. I wouldn’t have gone, except that I had friends to go with. I’m not going to talk about it. I don’t think the poor writing deserves any more of my analysis, but that it was an entertaining movie. Don’t hate.

Big news. Literally. We harvested something from our garden today. After investing over $100, and plenty of time and water… well, we have one squash. It is a biggin though! About a foot long and definitly a couple inches wide. Much bigger than anything you would find in the stores right now. But it was just the one. I tried to pull up a potato… well, actually, I did pull up a potato, but it was not nearly as done as I was hoping for. I’m guessing my beats are done, and some of my carrots may be nice, and maybe like… two onions. Brandan set up the auto-water for me today though. Not because I am lazy, but because I don’t know how to set it up, and he’s leaving tomorrow.

We agreed to house sit for his sister in law. Which is all fine and dandy, but well… we haven’t spent one day apart since the night before we got married. Yeah… like almost a year ago. I think I’m in a good place, and I will be busy enough with school and finishing up my classes that I shouldn’t have TOO much down time, but ya know… it’s going to be annoying. I’ll have to wash my own dishes, and clean… and get my own drinks and popsicles. I am kind of lazy, but I hurt my back two weeks ago, and it really is a huge pain, physically, to stand up AND sit down. Thankfully my husband is the most kind and patient man in the world. I’ve been told that will change, but I’m praying it doesn’t. Any way, he is flying (gah! What? why did I agree to this? People die on planes!?) to Washington DC (what? people die there too! this is crazy talk!?!?!) and then he’ll be riding with my SIL down to their house. I on the other hand will be finishing up the last page of my paper, then going to classes. Yippee!!! Not.

I should go to sleep. But first:

I want to apologize for being a zombie. I haven’t been posting pictures, or writing coherent posts. Classes have me stressed out. Brandan leaving has me stressed out. Lack of sleep has me stressed out. So. Tonight I am going to go and snuggle my husband and hope for dreams that don’t involve vampires, or plane accidents, or… anything. Scratch that. I don’t want dreams.

just sleep.

Continue the fun!

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