Girl’s Night

Tonight will be girl’s night!!! I’ve never done this before, so I don’t know how it is going to work out. I’m having a few girls over, two from church and one from class, and we’re going to chat, watch movies, and eat. I am going to make strawberry chicken salad, and hummus with pita, and… I don’t know what else. But we’ll see. I need to make something chocolaty and delicious. Ya know? Maybe I’ll get a few of those microwave lava cakes, with ice cream and chocolate shell, like at chili’s. huh? Does that sound good?

Here’s to hoping everything flow beautifully! I still need to do a bit o’ shopping, shower, and clean-up. But people are coming over at 6. That’s three hours away. So… we’ll see.

Continue the fun!

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