That stupid fever.

So, I am actually feeling sick today, but that is not what I want to talk about. I do have a sore throat, a tad fever, and complete exhaustion. But these feelings are more related to my immune system than to my reproductive tract. No, what I am talking about is another case of Baby Fever. Very dangerous stuff.

Like, two months ago, I was seriously baby crazy, like… ridiculously sick with it. Everything made me think of babies, and I was constantly arguing with my darling husband about when we would have one because, just like all of my other friends…. I want one. Then, it kind of hit me. I didn’t really want one. Well, eventually, but at the very moment my demands were more based on jealousy and hormones.

A few weeks ago my husband reminds me that I am almost a college graduate. So freaking close. And what did I plan to do when I was finished with school…? Well, first I said I wanted to sleep for a month.

He said okay.

Then I said I wanted to take up doing nothing. Ya know, nothing, like… baking cookies, playing video games, and surfing the fantastic interweb all day.

He said okay.

Then he said “well, what about when you get bored? Because…. you will get bored.”

And I said… “Then it’s BABY time!”

Lol. It was kind of a funny conversation, especially my insistence that I would love to play video games all day long between eating and sleeping of course! Yeah right… that would last like half a day. Then I started seriously considering that last option there. Baby? Hmm… maybe…. ya know. That would be cool.

Here’s the deal – I’m going to be a freaking amazing Mom. Like, awesome. Why? I have a bit of practice. And all things considered, I think B-man will make a great Daddy too. It’s just a matter of well… having a baby. This last bit is the most intimidating part. If i could skip the pregnant part and just have one now… that would be great. But as long as I think about squeezing a head out of my vajayjay… I can wait a little bit longer. lol.

Continue the fun!

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  1. Oh man baby fever is BAD NEWS!!! I have it probably 100 times worse than you. Trust me it gets worse the older you get. But enjoy the post college-lay around-play video game time that you have. You'll thank yourself later! 🙂

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