Lovey Dovey Crap…

So… there is this couple that I am friends with on facebook. They are…. less than 20 years old. And annoying. Every single status… on both of them… is always about how much they love each other and how no one else could possibly understand the depth of their love because that’s just how in love they are.

Hello? Really? Gah!

I don’t know why it bothers me so much, maybe it’s because I think the girl is manipulative, maybe it’s because I was once that age, and just two years later I can look back and see how much I have grown and changed. A lot. That’s how much. But instead of growing into who they are, they are just spending all day every day commenting on each others’ statuses about how in love they are. I think it’s kind of like PDA. I mean, I get the occasional “I LOVE YOU!” status. Like, when my husband is doing the dishes so I can just lounge on the couch. Or when he does laundry, or our anniversary, or… something that warrants a public expression of our relationship.

I guess what bothers me the most is that these kids think that they know everything. Seriously? I’ve been in a relationship with my husband for the better part of 8 years… but I couldn’t possibly know what love feels like. Really? REALLY?!

So, I guess I will leave it there. Except, I will take the chance to say that I do love my husband so so so so much. So much that if you haven’t been married, you have no idea how much I love him!


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  1. Hahahaha! I get a little annoyed at those Facebook posts, too. I mean, if you love your person so much, go tell them in person. Or via phone. Or text message. Or something else PRIVATE. Gah.

    Obviously I am a fan of chronicling some of the love, because I believe that marriage is hard work and sometimes the love will get buried under stress or anger or grief or other things. So I like noting our love on my blog so I can reread it during those tough times.

    But I am so with you about people who think they know it all. Unless you've been married for 70 years, you don't know it all. Maybe you have lessons to teach, but you also have lessons to learn.

  2. LOL! I so get this. My baby niece just got married, and she and her hubby were like that for a while….but he was in Iraq, so it WAS a basic form of communication. But yeah…teenagers know it ALL! Don'tcha know?

    Stopping in from SITS!

  3. Those FB comments make me crazy! We get it, you love each other. Gag!

    I'm a mushy kind of gal, but not on FB. I must be getting old because FB makes me more annoyed then happy. And as an (almost…4 month to go) 30 year old gal, 20 year olds know nothing. hahahah I've always wanted to say that! Damn I'm getting old. ha

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