What did I expect?

This is not a sappy Father’s day post. No, seriously it’s not.

I don’t know what I expected to happen when I called my Dad’s fancy iPhone to wish him a nonchalant “Happy Father’s Day.” It’s almost 10 in the morning. The man I grew up with is an early riser. Man, oh man was he an early riser! I didn’t want to wait until later in the day when things would inevitably get crazy at my parents house, so I got up this morning, just to call him. I should’ve just sent an e-mail! lol.

I called, he answer – not sounding like Dad usually sounds when he answers my random and obscure phone calls. I say “Oh sorry, are you at church?” He responds, negatory. I say “I was just calling to say Happy Father’s Day!” Wow, I sound happy for having just woke up. Then he says “I’m in Europe, trying to get over my jet-lag.”

lol. I told him to go back to bed.

How was I supposed to know? Plus! It’s like afternoon there! Oh well. I tried. I should’ve just sent an e-mail.

But seriously… in the olden days… like, when I was in high school – my Dad woke up at crazy and completely unbelievable hours! I was supposed to wake up to my alarm, ya know… at the same time he woke up I guess. But I would stay in bed longer. Then, when I heard his boots stomping across the house to come check on me, I would jump out of bed and scurry my lazy bum into the bathroom before he had a chance to see I was still in bed.

I don’t think he meant to stomp… it was just those darn Army boots.

So, I think a little tribute is in order…

To the man who tried to take my food when I obviously didn’t want to share!

To the man who inspired, supported, and encouraged my love of music…

I'm on the left.

To the man who walked around Sea World with children on his feet…

To the man who dressed me in orange from the very beginning, thus brain washing me into going to my current university…

To the man with shorts shorter than mine…

And the man with the crazy hat… Happy Father’s Day! I have so many fond memories of growing up, skiing, traveling, hiking the Appalachian trail with strangers, and going to a two week long camp with a bunch of Germans. I’m pretty sure I owe them all to you!

Love ya!

(See, I think I got all the way through without being sappy – quite the accomplishment.)

My Dad on the other hand has been known to get sappy… on occasion. <3

Continue the fun!

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  1. What a lovely tribute! I keep seeing all these great posts from people with old pics in them. I have made it my summer project to go raid my parents house for old pictures so I can use them in future posts 🙂

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