I think I have a problem.

Any one remember the English muffin/poppy seed dressing famine of May 2010? It is a sign of the times. I finally replaced that bottle of dressing the other day, when I had a fit in the grocery store. Yes, it has been a glorious week. Regardless, today – the crazy person in side of me struck again. While I was purchasing my poppy seed dressing, I also purchased a box of mixed cookies. Pepperidge farm, mixed, chess cookies with the ones with the chocolate inside, and then ones dipped in chocolate. I was in a mood, and it sounded good. So I told my husband “this kind of my favorite… so don’t eat any of those.” I may have also mentioned that I liked a few others ones.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a problem. This evening when I pulled out the box of cookies this evening, just five days after purchasing the box… the only cookies left were the ones I specifically said “don’t eat or you’ll lose fingers.” and the ones I don’t like.

I think I had a fit. I made him pause the movie. You would think that the fit I threw over that dressing would’ve learned him something. But no. The man continues to eat my food.

Really, I am kind of disgusted with myself. I wasn’t that attached to them. I just, over reacted. And ya know… once that happens it becomes rather difficult to control the crazy person inside. He apologized, profusely, and promised that we would buy another box.

And ya know what… I don’t even like cookies any more.

So there.

Continue the fun!

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