Another adventure!

Okay guys… I’m serious about this. I know… I’ve blogged about my weight before. I can’t help it, it’s a big part of me… ha ha… get it? (Umm… I’m like this in real life. Sorry).

So, along with riding my bike 8 miles every day, I am back on the calorie counting wagon. But, I’m not only going to count calories! Why? Because I’m sneaky, and if no one is watching, maybe the calories don’t count. So, additionally, I am going to start taking pictures of everything I eat. Then, I am going to post a picture of it at so that I am a bit more motivated to eat healthier… ya know… since any one and their mother can check it out. So to check out my goals (at the bottom of the page) and my first food diary, go on, and click on that link!!!

Continue the fun!

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