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I had a dream last night that every one, including myself, forgot my birthday. This may be a good thing, as my seems to be unable to remember that I am aging… I told my own mother I was a year younger than I really am… honest accident. Sometimes I think dreams mean something… like the time I dreamt about Rigoletto a million times. I don’t know what it meant, but it has to mean something… right? Ok. This is a tangent. I just woke up so of course dreams are on my mind. lol.

I rode my bike to school yesterday, and I’m going to ride it in again today. I need to call the place that fixed it though, because now that it is in first gear (of the bigger gears) it won’t shift to second or third. It’s okay because I have the 1-6 gears on the other side, which give me enough variety to ride comfortably, but I got it fixed so that I could ride better, and I paid $100 to get it fixed. Hopefully they’ll just fix it up for free… since I already paid for it and they obviously didn’t do something right. I’ll keep you updated on that.

I did ride my bike into class yesterday. But, as I left class to meet up with a study group the sky turned black. Yes – black, not gray… it looked like it was night time. Yeah… I had checked, and it wasn’t supposed to rain until 5… but as the heaven’s opened up at 3:03 I tried to not panic. Luckily one of the girls in my study group lives near me, and she kindly shoved my bike in the back of her car so that I didn’t have to ride home and risk getting hit by lightning, or getting soaked. So, yesterday I only biked 4 miles. Looking at the weather today, it is supposed to start raining much earlier, and continue until much later. THIS SUCKS! lol. I hate taking advantage of people, but I also hate being a lazy bum.

Speaking of classes, they are going well. My Western Civ class is everyday, but I kind of really like it. I don’t know why I haven’t ever taken summer classes before, but honestly – best idea ever. I am shoving an entire semester of my least favorite subject into a month! And FYI… that month is almost over! Only three more weeks of class. In Western Civ we have a map quiz and a short essay quiz every week (one of Tuesday, one of Thursday). Then in my World Religions class we meet twice a week, and have a 5 question multiple choice quiz once a week. It’s not so bad. It is kind of crazy that, including today, there are only 6 class periods left. I should definitely get on top of writing my final paper. And reading. lol.

My garden in floundering. The green squash are growing like crazy, and the potatoes are thriving, but everything else seems to be frozen in the same state they were in a few weeks ago. I’m not really sure what to do with them. Should we replant? Should I just leave them and hope for the best? Who knows? lol, definitely not me!

Well, now I need to go and figure out if I can ride my bike or not. I think I will call my friend and see if she minds giving me a ride home tonight, should the weather looks sketchy. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck with the garden… I have a greenhouse window that houses a variety of houseplants that like to torture me by lingering on the verge of death – but not actually dying… just looking horrific. How is it possible for them to have both brown AND yellow leaves?? My butterfly bushes are faring much better since I planted them last month… and I'm actually keeping the hanging baskets of geraniums looking good… but fear of the houseplants brainwashing them into semi-dying on me remains present! 😉

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