I am as addicted to firefox themes and add ons as I am to facebook and livejournal and myspace and other stuff like that.
Today I went to my choir practise and we sang for two hours straight. Oh my goodness for heaven’s sake. Seriously, I got to insitute, and sat down to play the piano and I started and was like *I HATE MUSIC*. I am so sick of singing and choir. It’s just tiring. When I have good posture and make an effort to sing the right way, my back and my abs hurt, like it’s an actual work out for me. And so standing for 2 hours straight (while cramping BAD) and gah! It was just painful. lol. But, I’m feeling a lot more confident about the concert. It is going to be good.
I despise my roommate with a strong firey passion. EHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHHEHEHEHJOHRJWRNJKDNFSsk

djvkjrdnfvn,. Yeah. That’s how I feel right now. AH I just want to die. I may of said this already, but I went to talk to my RA about it, and after talking to her about my problems, i asked if there was any way to change rooms, ya know, incase I feel like killing myself….but yeah. She was like “There is a way to change rooms, but I would have to sign off on it as your RA, and I really think you need to work out your problems.” OHMYGOODNESSSHOOTMENOW. work out my problems? I’m not a pig, I do my laundry regularly (unlike SOME people…) I bath daily, I sleep at night and am awake during the day. If she wants to go to sleep, I move down to the study room. If i”m going to be gone for a day or two, I let her know. She drives me nuts. She is sloppy and inconsiderate. She sleeps during the day and is up all night, she does laundry once a month and eh. Our room smells bad. Like, I hate it. The other day I was having people over, and I picked up the room. i CLEANED my side, made the bed picked up everything and cleared off counters and desks and what not, and then I vaccumed, and then my half looked amazing (I’m generally a pretty clean person, but it looked like the pictures they want people to see of dorm rooms to get people to live there.) but he half was disgusting. I made her bed for her, and cleaned up all of the trash that was ALL over the place, i folded the clothes that she had all over the place and put her books on the shelf, but it still looked terrible. I felt horrible having people over when ew! lol. I have this candle, and I melt the wax with a lighter (cause we can’t have lighted candles…lol.) but it’s a strong candle, but yeah. It is almost impossible to get the smell to go away.
In other bad news….remember the new headphones i bought? Well, they are completely useless now because I dropped my mp3 player and it broke and doesn’t work any more, like…it doesn’t play music and there is no way to turn it off…I even pressed the tiny reset button, and nothing happened. WHICH SUCKS…because now I’m screwed and have no music and nothing to use my new headphones on….(except my computer and the tv’s at the gym…) but yeah. I was getting used to wearing them on the bus and what not. so GAH to the evil demands that make my life SUCK!
I hate/despise/loath astronomy with a strong firey passion like you have no idea how much it sucks. It’s a two hour lecture…two consecutive hours, and the teacher is very very boring….I’m not sure how to make this stuff interesting, but I really am not liking it.I have an exam in it tomorrow…so this is going to be interesting. The first test I didn’t study for and I got a C, the second test I got an A on, and so hopefully I’ll do well on this one too. WOOT! lol.
Another problem adding to my room is that it’s on the second floor, and the smoking spot for all the cool kids is right below my window, so it is constantly smelly in here. I gave in a second ago and lit the candle. Hopefully it’ll help. 😛
Some one please tell me how to make this stupid spell checker work…bitte. It just shows up all red, but I don’t know how to change it to the correct spelling or add words to the dictionary. So yeah. any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Well, I hope that every one has a wonderful rest of the week!

Continue the fun!

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