What I wish my life looked like:

6:00 am – wake up, shower, make my bed, eat breakfast and watch the news.

7:00 am – dishes, feed animal, water garden, vacuum,

8:00 am – sweep/swiffer kitchen, bathroom, front entry way.

9:00 am –

hmm… well… if I could do that the rest of my day would involve going to class, watching TV, and then making dinner. lol. Instead I sleep until forever, wake up rushes, zoom off to classes, get home starving, yet exhausted, so we go out and grab dinner, then come back, watch some tv and then sleep. Yeah. I think I really am going to make a list of “daily things” and I’ll set the alarm tomorrow. My husband has really been slacking in the “wake Jessica up on time” department. Hmmm.

Continue the fun!

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  1. i don't know if there is anything in my day that isn't rushed….and all because i get up at 830 instead of 6 like other normal grown ups do. whatever, adulthood blows.

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