Rubbing my eyes to sleep…

So, I had a wonderful amazing day – and I was really excited to come and blog about it. But then I ate dinner, and told a bunch of people, and sat down, and played on facebook… and I’m a bit less motivated. Regardless – I feel like sharing. I’m going to number the “Happy Events” of the day, to make it easier to follow:

  1. I finished my last exam this morning – and I am done for the semester!
  2. My WEDDING DRESS IS HERE! Here being my parents’ home – but that will be where I reside in just four days.
  3. I packed up a good deal of all my stuff.

    Now the good stuff!

  4. When I went to put the “good deal” of all my stuff in my car, my front blinker has been… shattered. The pieces where all over the ground. I wasn’t too upset – it’s the same side that got dented in April of last year. Figured it would cost $50 for the piece, and it look easy to repair… BUT:

    as I’m standing there I notice a guy standing by his car on his cell phone. I turned to him, to ask if he saw who hit my car and he was like “I hit it. I thought I was going to have to wait forever for you to come out here! Just let me know if you want me to pay for it, or if you want to go through insurance.”

    What? He had been waiting on me for 30 minutes! Any who, I know that getting a ding on your insurence as a 20 y/o male is probably the last thing you want, and I was fine with having him just pay me for the parts. So he gave me his name, number, and insurence information – just in case.

  5. I was ironically on my way to the store to buy more tape to close up my boxes, so I didn’t have any tape to secure what was left of my blinker. I collected the pieces, borrowed some masking tape from the front desk, and then headed off to Kelsey’s to drop of my stuff, since:
  6. Kelsey is letting me store my stuff in her basement for free over the summer – and subsequently she is saving me a couple hundred bucks!
  7. I got to Kelsey’s, and awkwardly backed into her drive way. We each carried one box tot he basement, but these were not light boxes. I mean – I’m trying to pack efficiently, so as to not take up too much space in her basement. So these were “MAN” boxes. When we went out to the car, who should randomly be walking in front of her house, but a set of Elders! Yes. I know. How perfect? So the Elders came and helped us carry the rest of my MAN boxes down to the basement. I was so greatful at that moment. I don’t get mushy too often, but after we finished and I was driving away – it felt like a hug from heaven. I knew at that moment that Heavenly Father was watching out for me – even the little things.
  8. I went to Krogers and bought some tape. I then proceeded to put together the pieces of the broken plastic light covering. I was only missing a tiny piece on the bottom corner, but other than that – I taped it back on and the light looks fine, the bulb is protected, and it should hold for a while.
  9. Leaving Kroger I decided to stop by an auto parts store. I had already gone to one, and they had told me they couldn’t get me the piece I needed, but I was just crossing my fingers, figured since I was out that way I should try any ways, and low and behold! The guy ordered it, and it will be here on Saturday!
  10. I called the guy who hit my car, and told him the price, and we were going to meet up – but I guess he was headed out of town when he hit me, and he won’t be back until after I leave. So he’s going to mail me a check – with the back up that… I still have his insurence info.
  11. Got back to campus, parked my car, got and and started walking when to random guys walked up to me…

    “Did your car get hit earlier today?”
    “We saw the guy, and waited around to make sure he left a note or something so… did everything work out?”

  12. Then I got to tell them that he waited for me to show up, and that everything is going to be a-okay!

So. Not only did I pass all of my classes with flying colors, but the guy who hit my car waited around to tell me, it’s an easy fix, the missionaries had perfect time, I got some delicious KFC, I taped my car back together, and there were other people looking out for me! 

I’m definitely feeling the love. So… how was your day?

Continue the fun!

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