Zippidee-doo-daa, Zippidee-ay!

My oh, my – what a wonderful day!

So today Brandan got a letter in the mail. An official offer for the job! Yes. The dream job. I don’t know if I’ve blogged about this before or not. 
A few months ago Brandan was e-mailing with the boss-man, from the summer internships he’s worked up in DC for a government agency. He was e-mailing his boss to say he would not be able to take a full time position with them because he was going to be living in Knoxville TN (so I can finish school) and the boss-man said “Oh, well I still want you to work from me, so I’ll hire you as a contractor and you can work from home.”
Um. Yes. That really happened. Wowzers!!! lol. So in anycase. They had been hammering out details and even though Brandan felt like the job was the real deal, and it was happening and we were stable and didn’t need to worry… I was worrying. What if things didn’t work out. There was no back-up plan. That was it. Our only hope. So when he got the letter in the mail with the official job offer, and an actual $alary number, and information on health insurance and dental insurence and retirement plans and company investing and so and so forth!!! Yeah!!!
I guess he is still trying to bargain for a bit more $$$, but as of right now – life couldn’t get better. My life became real when I got the ring, when I filled out the marriage application, when we started buying things together – for us, when I was looking at apartments, and imagingi our life together. But now – it is real. We’re not poor starving college students any more. We’ve got a salary (!!!) and we’re working on a budget and golly-jeepers it’s exciting and scary and crazy all at the same time!!!

Plenty of sunshine coming my way, zippidee-doo-daa, zippidee-ay!
Continue the fun!

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