On moving to Virginia:

Brandan (aka Hapmon) and I (Webstergirl) were having a lovely conversation earlier about the joys of moving north. This is my life.

Hapmon: I don’t like the idea of commuting, but I feel like it’s a necessary evil
Webstergirl: I know, it just seems more logical to live further south than to pay an arm and a leg to live up north.

Hapmon: no kidding!
Webstergirl: but, I love you, and if sacrificing my limbs will make you happy….

Hapmon: I understand… I’m trying to decide which will fetch a higher price. Your arms or your legs.

Hapmon: Maybe there’s a doctor that could help me appraise them.
Webstergirl: I’m going to guess the legs.

Hapmon: Ah… I do like your legs though, this will requie more deliberation.

True love.

Continue the fun!

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