My Semi-Vacation.

Last summer I attended two weddings…

The first being a friend’s, the second being:

MINE! And actually… I think I went to one more, but I don’t have photographic evidence, so maybe I’m making that up. Who knows!

I also attended two graduations. My little sister Becca graduated from HS last summer

And B-man graduated from Virginia Tech!

It was such a beautiful day!

After his graduation my husband and I traveled to Florida for a week of celebration. We stayed in a hotel room with my Dad (umm… we weren’t hitched yet), and we bought 5-day passes to Disney World.

Despite the rain…

We tried to have…

But really, you can only take so much rain.

We decided not to use the last day on our 5-day ticket because well… it was raining.

I would also like to point out that, in every picture of my husband wearing a rain poncho, he has managed to rip it. Except the first picture – because we had just bought him a new one… for the third time.

Any way, I tell you all of this to compare my entire summer of last year, to the last week of my life (the first week of this summer).

We’ve been to one wedding:

With plans to attend another wedding in July.

We also went on another rain-filled vacation. There are no pictures of this because I was kind of upset about it… so I just slept a lot. Sorry. But here’s a picture to represent all of the sleep I did!

Then we went to my best friend’s graduation from the University of Virginia!

I did a lot more, and intend on being a bit more specific about these events, but I was just surprised at how we managed to cram an entire summer’s worth of events into one week! Ah!

Between May 14th and May 24th I drove 1,954 miles. Yeah… that’s just a rough estimate made by using Google maps and inputting every leg of our trip. Maybe I need to get my oil changed. lol.

Continue the fun!

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    1. Thanks! It was kind of a sucky vacation though. A lot of the shows and events where canceled because of the rain. People say it is better to go in the rain because there are less people, but they also close some rides and cancel shows. I'd rather fight the crowds!

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