my first suitcase

I have never owned a suitcase. I do own some nice Vera Bradley duffel bags, but I have realized recently that if the trip is longer than a day or two, the duffel gets really annoying, and it is difficult to stay organized. So, while I was at Target shopping for wedding and beach attire, I picked up this little number!

It is “carry-on” size (supposedly… it looks a little too big to me!), and I really like the cute print on it. Plus, it seems just a tad bit more professional than the duffel bag. It even has wheels! I am super excited to get to roll it around and pretend like I’m a young professional on a fantastic vacation!

Continue the fun!

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  1. OMG Too funny cuz I've been looking at this VERY piece for months! Every time I'm in Target I notice it! Love everything about it! The color combo, the graphic print… Prob is I OWN TONS of suitcases!!! My hub would murder me if i bought another!!! So on that note, YAY YOU!!! =)

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