My other sickness.

Aside from feeling really crappy lately, I have another, terminal disease.

Baby fever. I don’t know that this actually causes death, but in my case it may lead up to death.

I’ve been compiling a list of things I can do right now, that will disappear once we have kiddos, and things about pregnancy/babies that should be “off-putting” so to speak.

So, when I have a baby…

  • I won’t be able to go to the bathroom by myself.
  • I probably won’t have enough time to spend an hour (or more), just brushing the G-dog.
  • I’ll have to make real food. All the time. Babies probably shouldn’t eat like I do.
  • we’ll have less date nights. I mean… we probably have 5 dates a week. lol.
  • we’ll have less movie nights.
  • Also, less money… since apparently little babies cost lots of money!
  • I’ll have to go to the hospital. Meh… not really on my top list of things I enjoy doing.
  • … I also hear breastfeeding can be painful.
  • there will be less quality napping in this place.

I know some people list things like “it won’t be easy to travel” and ya know what I have to say to that? Any one who wants a baby should get a dog first. Dogs are a lot of responsibility. Obviously not the same, and obviously lower on the need scale, but seriously. We have two dogs. We can’t go away on the weekend with out paying mucho bucks to have some one watch them. We have to buy dog food and spend hours walking, potty-breaking and brushing. For some one who’s never had a significant amount of responsibility over another creatures’ life, I think the step from nothing to baby would seem impossible. I dunno, it’s just a suggestion. But I think it would give people some experience in what it means to really have to care about something. It’s a long shot from caring for a baby, but maybe a good “middle step.” I’ve also grown up around babies, and had dogs my whole life. So I know that you lose sleep, and “me-time” and a myriad of other things, but I also know that it is one of the most rewarding things in the world to care for another human being the way parents care for children.

So, when are we having a baby? Meh… who knows?!

Continue the fun!

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  1. Going to the bathroom alone is over rated–just kidding. If you're brave, you lock the door and get 60 seconds of peace before you find out what they've figured out they can get away with in 60 seconds. Date nights aren't always easy, but we've been known to rent a movie and get a pizza after the kids go to bed. Fun, cheap, and the kids sleep well being put to bed on time by us.

    I have three and I still get baby fever–and the little one is really little still! It is an adjustment, but it is wonderful. Hopefully you will be blessed with a little bundle in God's perfect timing.

  2. Babies definitely cramp your style in too many ways to count – but they're just so freakin' cute As my MIL says, they're cute so you won't kill them. But I wouldn't trade mine for the world!

    You'll know when the time is right. No need to rush.

  3. yes….me too. This is a new affliction. I'd say in the last 4-5 weeks I've been seriously considering it. really considernig. Although i've entertained the possibility since roughly December when my cousin who is like a sister to me became pregnant.

    (Subsequently she was just put on bedrest and is very, very bored. i should note that here since we're trying to think up reasons why having babies right now would cramp our style, lol)

    Sometime in late November we took our first pregnancy test and it was negative. even though babies had not been on my mind……i felt a twinge of dissapointment. that twinge led me into really analyzing my feelings on the baby front and yes….yes, i want one.

    For me, I am adamant that I must lose weight before embarking on pregnancy. My knees are in bad shape due to car accidents and the additional weight of a pregnancy would probably make them ache all the time. So one of the big steps I need to undergo in preparation is losing a lotta weight. Since i'm not aggressively trying to achieve that then babies are definitely "in the freezer" (vs being on the "back burner" lol)

    But I still daydream and read pregnancy and new mom blogs bc I love to gather information. My husband is aware of this and finds it funny. since realistically we probably are looking at at least 2 more years before trying to start our family.

    (excuse the novel…i get so wordy, lol)

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