Date Night…

We go on tons of dates. Tons. That’s like… a lot.

I think part of the reason is that we didn’t really “date”. We umm… kissed… then got engaged. That’s the condensed version. Regardless, all but one date was done under the “engaged” portion of our lives.

Any who, last night we went and saw Iron Man 2. I didn’t like the first one, but B-man wanted to see it. He had suggested we go see Babies. Ha! lol. I do want to see it, but I hate (and love) that he is so selfless. Some times he just down right makes me look bad. So, I decided we would go see Iron Man 2, on opening night even! We got fabulous seats, and the movie was decent.

When we were engaged I used to take pictures of us… all the time. We only saw each other every other weekend, so when we were together, I would take pictures. Well, yesterday was a good day for me:

So after watering the garden, but before we left, I snapped another picture of us.

I love pictures of us. Their my favorite.

I love him.

Continue the fun!

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  1. oh em gee, you two are just too wonderfully cute.

    My prayer is that you always remember how much you love each other.

    My bets are on that you will be one of those adorable, old couples that everyone envies…

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