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I’ve never been so excited about this concept. You might remember when I started budgeting. It was a giant (humungo) leap for mankind the Reed family. And, I am happy to announce what has come from this ridiculously imposed limit on our spending.

Well… we really did save $700 dollars… and that was only in the food/eating out/grocery shopping department. I know, crazy!!! We did go $65 over the planned budget. < sarcasm> Lucky for me the budgets can be set to rollover. < /sarcasm> It’s all relative. We’re just trying to figure out what the best numbers are for us, with out spending a fortune on being lazy (which is why we were eating out so much).

Another thing I had touched on in that budgeting post was my weight. Well, nothing amazing has happened. I’ve not changed anything other than the fact that we are counting calories now. But…

I’ve lost 10 pounds. In two weeks. That’s pretty good in my book.

Recently I’ve been slacking a bit (I need to go grocery shopping, pronto!), but I am getting back on the band wagon now. I did all of the math to figure out what the minimum amount of calories is, and what the average is, and I stay between that range. The crazy thing is that once you start counting calories, fast food will make you cry. In the average fast food meal, like a 5-layer cheesy beefy burrito from Taco Bell, or my favorite burger from the Burger King, plus the obligatory soda, and fries… yeah, just one of these meals is more calories than I need in a day. Like, 300 – 500 calories more than I need in a day. I was slightly distraught to find this out.

So, I am back on my calorie counting band-wagon, and half way finished with my goal to lose 20 pounds before my birthday. Heck, maybe I can lose a lot more than that! Please please please please.

Any ways… there is no food in my house. I must go to the grocery store. I have been drinking my husband’s Crystal Light (we each get our own flavor… because he picks yucky ones) for over a week now and I need to go get my own. Ah!

Continue the fun!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂
    This post is so funny because I recently posted on both budgeting and losing weight! Our budgeting is going really well, too. My weight loss? Not so much! Good luck to you!

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