oh how the time flies!

So… my summer is nearly over. It’s kind of crazy how things work out. I thought this summer would fly by quickly, and I can only hope that the year disappears just the same. B-man’s baptism was yesterday! It was not a day I had ever dreamed of – but it was a fantastic day none-the-less. I am so lucky to have him in my life.

Last Thursday I drove up to his place, spent the night and then left with him and his brother & sister-in-law to go up north for a family reunion. It was interesting because my family doesn’t do things like that… and if they do they don’t invite me. Haha. There were a bunch of people there, I saw Tom and Hope again, as well as their kiddos… I really like seeing them. We stopped at their house on the way back to Virginia for dinner.

School starts in two weeks… which seems kind of ridiculous to me! I’m not ready for that. This year should be easier – especially since I have B-man. 😀

Continue the fun!

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