Don't call me Chicken!

So recently I have been cultivating my taste for spicy foods. Growing up in a household of five kids, we did not eat a lot of spicy or exotic food. Trying to please and nourish every one can be a tough job with out trying to get creative.

When I married B-man I was in for a whole new culinary adventure and I tried to make foods that both he and I could enjoy. It can’t be too spicy, or I can’t eat it, and I hate giving him boring food (even though he never complains). Last year I learned the secret to making homemade Chicken nuggets, or “boneless wings”. Really it’s just cut up chicken, but call it what you will.

For this recipe you need:

  • two boneless chicken breasts
  • 1/3 cups of flour
  • Frying oil. I use peanut oil because Alton Brown told me I’m less likely to burn things in peanut oil. So there ya go, but what ever kind you have is fine, and you just need enough to cover the bottom of your pan with a small (1/4 inch or less) layer of oil. If you don’t care about calories, then pour more in and have a ball.
  • Buffalo sauce. I bought a bottlle at Wal*mart, but you could also try to make your own.

There’s only two of us, so this was more than enough chicken.

Cut the chicken into two-bite size pieces. As in, you would look silly popping the whole thing in your mouth, but it doesn’t require three bites. Put them in a large mixing bowl.

Add the 1/3 cup of flour. Shake it like there is no tomorrow. I just tossed and tossed, then serperated, then tossed some more.

When you’re finished tossing, they should look like this. If they don’t, add some more flour and shake those hips!

Next: Heat up your Peanut Oil (or… oil of choice, I tend to listen to Alton Brown just because I think he is so cool!).

I usually put it on high heat for a few minutes, then turn it down to medium heat. You don’t want it too hot, but if it’s not hot enough all of the flour will come off in the oil. If you drop a little droplet of water into the oil… it should sizzle. That’s how I check. And I’m serious… LITTLE DROPLET.

While you wait for your oil to heat up, grab a plate, and put down some paper towels. When you remove your chicken from the pan, you’ll want a place to put it, and paper towels soak up the extra oil.

Okay, add the chicken. Then don’t touch it. This could mean for 3 -4 minutes. I let me chicken sit until the white line around the chicken (white = cooked) is atleast half way up the chicken, if not more.

Then I flip them over and let them cook for another 2 -3 minutes.

Once they have cooked completely (I usually cut one of the big once to check for doneness, I figure if the big one is cooked, then the little ones must be!), remove them from the oil with tongs, and let them chill out on that nice bed of paper towels that you prepared earlier.

I bought this Buffalo Wing sauce at Wal*mart. It is SUPER delicious, not TOO spicy, and only 15 calories per tablespoon (which goes a long way). You could also cover these in any number of other sauces, but then they wouldn’t b Buffalo flavored. Hmmm… tough luck.

Wash the bowl you used for the flour. Easy, saves time later when your husband is doing the dishes for you. Dry the bowl. Put your cooked check in the bowl. Now, the important part: Pour in one tablespoon of sauce for every chicken breast you cooked. I cooked 2 chicken breasts, I used 2 tablespoons of sauce. Some times to evil thing about sauce is that it has a ton of calories, but this one doesn’t, and this much sauce covers the wings perfectly, with out making them soggy.

Now pull out your dancing shoes again, because it is time to shake some more. Toss the chicken in the bowl, with the sauce until it looks like this:

Then eat them. Please. They will taste delicious. A tiny bit of crunch, a little bit of spicy, and a whole lot of YUM!

B-man keeps asking for these. I think that’s a good thing. 🙂

Continue the fun!

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