Cookies, any one?

So today I started making chocolate chip cookies… but apparently today is not my day because I could not follow the recipe to save my life! I put the sugar in with the flour, and then had to kind of separate them because they were supposed to go into separate bowls and I did not have enough flour to just “start over.” Then I put the baking soda in the sugar instead of the flour, and that was kind of difficult to fix as well. I microwaved the butter too long, so I had a bowl of mess, and I had to dig out little lumps of hard brown sugar from my almost finished batter. In any case, thank goodness that chocolate chip cookies are like the weeds of the baking world, because the batter turned out just fine – and who really cares what the cookies taste like. At my house the cookies hardly ever make it into cookie form any way. lol. Right now I’ve got a pan in the oven, and then another pan ready to go in the oven when that one is done. We are going to have at least 30 cookies… and then some cookie dough, or maybe I will make more cookies. Who knows.

B-man is coming over after work today to meet with the missionaries for the third time. We spent the weekend together, he went to church for the second time, and we drove up to the temple and went to the visitors’ center up there. Then we took a short stroll around the temple. It was super hot outside. In any case, it was a good weekend, and since we’ve been spending quite a bit of time together I start to go through little withdrawals when I don’t see him for a couple of days in a row. School is going to be absolute torture! he’s coming over today, and then on Saturday I’ll drive up there for the day. We’ve got some important things to take care of. Woot! Then we’ll probably come back down here for church on Sunday. ((*first batch of cookies is a little darker than I would’ve liked. Boo.*)) In a couple of weeks I’m sure I’ll have more (detailed) information, but until then… I can’t really write anything. lol.

Work is going well: I don’t mind the crazy morning hours, I’m not sick of it, I enjoy the people I’m working with, and I have a feeling that if I play my cards the right way I could end up getting a lot of hours. lol… really I should say “If I stop being lazy I could get a ton of hours!” But I’m not really a fan of sweat. Oh well. I have three batches of cookies now, so I should probably go invest in some milk… since apparently that is not something we keep on hand for the random from-scratch cookies that often appear out of thin air around here.

Continue the fun!

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