Good morning America.

I woke up at 4 a.m. today.

Why would I do such a crazy thing? One of my dear friends is actually an international student at the University. He has not been home to see his wife and kids since last August! This morning I was so excited to take him to the airport for the start of his 38 hours of travel. I took B-man with me. I’m sure he was just as excited as me… or not.

We picked him up at his apartment around 4:30, and then high tailed it to the airport.

I helped in get checked in, some of his bags were overweight – obesity is apparently a problem for luggage too, this is ridiculous America. Any ways, he sent a couple of sweatshirts and a pair of shoes home with me. His bags almost missed the flight because the lady checking us in really wasn’t paying attention. She said they were too heavy, and the charge had recently changed, so she was calling to find out what it was – she was on hold. In the mean time we had pulled 10 pounds of stuff out of his bag, so he would be at the appropriate wait. I told her this 3 times, but she kept telling us to weight. Finally, the fourth time I said it she was listening, and he got his bags checked in and was off to the terminal.

I can’t imagine being away from my family, much more your own children, for so long. It was hard enough to only see my hubby every weekend the year we lived apart. My heart just really goes out to him, and I hope he enjoys his summer home. He promised to take lots of pictures of Botswana for me, so hopefully I will be able to share those come August!

Keep him in your prayers, 38 hours is a long time to travel, but completely worth it.

Continue the fun!

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