Bridal Shower # 3

{Photos by Twila Davis Reed}

This last “Bridal Shower” was more of a wedding shower, and a graduation party combined. It was also a huge surprise! We thought we were just going over for some quality Reed Family time, but it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon with all of our families, and the dogs.

There were pink balloons for the shower:

And orange balloons for the graduation party:

There was also a nice little black ribbon for Brandan to wear:

There was a ridiculous button for me to wear:

There was presents:

Lots and lots of presents.

A charging station from my family, for the new young professional!
Glasses from the SC Reeds. B-man is thinking "How long until I can break all of these?!"
B-man's parents gave us this crate full of orange kitchen gadgets! Go Vols!!!
and Stefan gave us supplies for the "Shower". Ha... clever.
It wouldn't be a party without a dog fight!
Twila and Jon gave us a basket full of cleaning goodies, and a Bissel SpotBot to help with out with our new puppy!

We were are very blessed to have such fun and generous family.

"Thanks for the shower supplies man." Hmm... Fresh Apple Shampoo!

Then…. there was cake!

And then every one went home, and Stefan fell asleep.

The End.

Continue the fun!

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