So… it's not really a journal – more like a bi-yearly chronicle or something…

Guys are still dumb – but life moves on. J apologized to me the other day for all of the Spring Break drama. Not really sure how things are going to work out, but we’ll see. At least we’re talking again.

I’m definitely going to BYU. I didn’t even bother signing up for my UT classes… so now there isn’t even another option. I’M MOVING TO UTAH! Crazy – I know. But it should be good for me, the last couple of months were pretty ridiculous, so a change of pace will be good for me.

Now I’m hoooooome with my family. <3 LOVE! I’ve got my baby (the dog!) and we slept on the floor together last night. That is always enjoyable. Especially loving the hard wood floors. Good choice there. lol. Gretel had a bit of her own drama a week ago when a tick embedded itself in her eyelid…. yeah – kind of bad placement. So my Mama had to rescue her. Gretel’s eye was all infected and so they had to go to the Doggy Clinic, but she’s doing much better now. She’s always so happy when I come home, it just makes me smile because she kind of gets this little jump in her step. She’s so beautiful. Jimmy the fluff ball is also doing well. Ya know: growing like a weed – a very small weed. Apparently he’s not going to get very big. He’ll keep his annoying little bark forever. Oh joy.

In any case, just figured I should up date since I’m in a new place, doing different things. As of now I’m working a couple of little part-time jobs for people, and looking for a real job for the summer. I have a feeling I could end up at PetsMart or something of the sorts, but I’m hoping to find something better. We’ll see how it goes.

Continue the fun!

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