Lie Day

I randomly ride the bus around campus. Usually after a class where I have a long break and it’s not meal time, I will ride the bus instead of walking. Each bus driver is a little different, and each bus has it’s own things going on too. It is kind of funny. One bus driver is this old lady and she doesn’t say much…and the bus is ALWAYS silent, even when it’s packed with people to the point where the doors will barely close.

Well, today I got on a random bus (because there’s not an actual schedule, the buses just drive in a circle around campus) and I was the first and only person to get on the bus and the driver said “Welcome to lie day!” And I giggled a little bit and then went and sat down. Well, as other people got on the bus (about 2 or 3 other people…) he started requesting lies. “To ride in first class you must tell a lie.” and it got pretty funny, like every one on the bus was in on the conversation. VERY amusing. So yeah, as I got off he was like “Since you didn’t tell me a lie when you got on, you have to tell me one before I’ll let you off.” So, my lie was “I hope you have a HORRIBLE day.” and everyone laughed and life is good.

The end.

oh, the other thing is…I kind of like my layout. I am thinking that I am content enough with my basic LJ right now, and that I will forgo getting a payed account until I see how long I keep up my spree of updating.

Also, I have this friend, his name is Bill. lol. (fyi style.) He drives me up the wall, but in the sibling sort of way. I think he feels kind of responsible for me (poor, innocent little freshman that I am…ha…) and he is constantly doting on me and calling me and checking on me and that is not the annoying part. The annoying part is when…he’s annoying. lol. I dunno. Some times it’s like he expects me to read his mind, or …yeah. That pretty much covers everything. I am not a mind reader. More to come on Bill later, I need a lot more patience and time to write about this.

I talked to my RA today about my roommate and how she is driving me crazy and how I hate life and everything sucks and I was like “Is there any way to change rooms?” and she was like “There is, but I would have to sign off on it, and I think you really need to work through this.” which pretty much translates to “I want you to live in hell all year long.”

Thanks. I really appreciate your understanding.

CHRISSY: I learned all of the family signs today!!!! lol. It was cool cause I remembered some of the things you taught me (once upon a time at 4 in the morning-ish) and so yeah. It was good. lol. My teacher was really funny about it, cause she picked to people from the class and she told us about them meeting and then dating and then being engaged and marriage and then when they had children she went onto the brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins ect. sort of stuff.

I have to go because I have two papers that I have to correct and turn in tomorrow. So even though I will probably write more in just a few hours (or less) I must at least START on my homework.

Continue the fun!

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