Maybe I should get better at this….

Ok… so I haven’t written in a while… and I need to catch up with my 365-picture journal…. maybe I should be working on that. In any case, a lot has happened in the last… 5 months. It’s crazy how time flies and life changes. I’m not a teenager any more (holy cow ridiculous!) and I’m definitely facing some things that I never would’ve imagined. In that last 5 months I have managed to:

  • Get my heartbroken: I’m very good at this because I have managed to do this twice. For some reason I only date jerks (if you think that you’re a nice guy… stay away!). Oh well, I have learned a lot of things I would’ve been fine with out, but I’m a better person for it. Things like what to do when you’ve watched every chick flick you own, how to eat too much ice cream, what happens when you choose to not leave your room for 5 days in a row.
  • Survive a mental breakdown: This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Despite having dealt with moving around my entire life, for some reason the last two years has been a little ridiculous. Well, throw in a little extra stress, a major lack of sleep, and too much homework, and things just start to fall apart.
  • First car accident: It wasn’t that bad… some one tried to merge into me on I-40… well, they didn’t just try, they DID. So, now I have a lovely little dent in my pretty little car. It is quite the tragedy.
  • Bronchitis: I had bronchitis for a month straight… yeah…. it was awful. Thankfully my lungs are only occupied by air and tissue again (less mucus…). You don’t realize how enjoyable breathing is, until it’s a very hard thing to do.
  • Two months physical therapy: Yeah… oh well. Apparently I have “snapping hip syndrome” and “IT Band Friction Syndrome” (ask google…). Let’s just leave it at “rather painful” and thank the physical therapy for quite a bit of exercise.
  • Nanny: She’s in the hospital. She’s doing a lot better right now, but she’s still in a lot of pain. Keep her in yours prayers bitte!
  • Transfer: I applied to BYU way back when I was beginning my mental break down. It was done in a “I hope this goes through quickly so that I can leave Tennessee ASAP” but it didn’t actually work out like that. So instead I found out over Spring break that I had been accepted… right after i had decided I was probably not going to get in. So, I did get in, and now I am going. Yeah… me… moving to UTAH!!!! It should be interesting.

So… that’s quite the list. BUT it’s okay. Why? Because I know that everything I’ve been going through has made me a better, stronger person. I have lost some amazing friends because I was too stressed and busy worrying about things I didn’t have control over. I lost friends that I really cared about, and who really cared about me. But it’s okay, because it’s over, and I’m back on the straight and narrow… headed to Utah.

Continue the fun!

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