I feel crushed.

So, here’s the deal, me and my two “best friends” were going to get an apartment together. We’ll call them Kate and Sarah (sorry if that is some one’s name on my flist and I didn’t realize it… nothing personal), well. Kate and I have been best friends the whole year, we’ve been really close, and yeah, I’ve never connected with some one like I did with her. Sarah moved here about a month ago, and we clicked really well. She graduated last semester, and she’s 21, Kate is my age.

Well, I found us a two bed room apartment for the three of us, and Kate and I were going to share a room. Well, I had everything organized, I got my parents to go along with it, even though the whole time they were kind of skeptical, telling me to be really careful, but everything seemed like it was fine. Well, on Saturday (un-known to me) Sarah went to Kate with a proposition that “Jessica doesn’t NEED and apartment, she just wants it.” and pretty much told Kate (who by the way, just got kicked out of her house for getting baptized, so is… sehr poor with few options) the optimatum “like with me(Sarah), and we can kick Jessica out, or find some where else to live”, and Kate definitely doesn’t have too many options, and had no where to stay for the summer, so she decided to stay with it. Well, they told me last night, Sarah using the excuse of “I’m just too stressed and I need my space” and yeah… i was “voted off the island”… even though it was my island.

Well, today I talked to my mom, and she said “If the paying for the summer is a problem, talk to Kate and tell her we’de be willing to pay half for the summer, and then just she and I could room together. Well, she felt bad about ditching Sarah… meanwhile, I had until 5 pm today to cancel my housing contract with the university, so pretty much she just let time run out so she didn’t have to make a decision. Well, she also chose the girl she’s known for a few weeks over the girl she’s known the whole year.

I hope they’re happy. I will be living in a single room with a complete stranger for an entire year. I don’t really know what to do. I don’t want to be friends with them any more, but we all have the same friends, and there is no was to avoid them unless I stop going to church.

Continue the fun!

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