The young are crazy.

So, for a while now I’ve been kind of falling in love with this guy, slowly but surely. So… I had been talking with a friend, and had come up with ya know, present the hypothetical scenario “I (me… Jessica), really like this guy… bob… but bob like’s a mutual friend of ours… let’s call her sue…. little does bob know, sue likes joe. What should I do? Should I tell Bob that I’m falling for him, or just leave it be and ignore it?” And Jon being… Jon… said “honesty is the best policy”. So, we talked a little bit more about the situation, and I said that I haven’t said anything because I’ve been hurt badly before, and I don’t want it to happen again. Any ways, (this all happened while I was driving him home), when he got out of the car, I half way wanted to just leave it at the hypothetical situation and let him ponder a little bit, but I couldn’t, so I said “Jon… you’re bob.” And there ya go. I told a guy that I like him… that I’m pretty much crazy about him. He was nice enough to let me know that he thought he was really like “sue”, but after spending some time with her, realized that he would rather just be friends, and that we will go on a date or 5 (he makes me laugh), and see how things go. I then had to let him know that I was just putting it out there, and he could think on it for a while before saying anything… because i think he felt like I was expecting an answer, but eh.

any who… that’s my journal post of the month.

Continue the fun!

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