Lost & Found

When you find something of value you have two (well…two if you’re an honest person, three if your dishonest.) choices.

  1. Leave the item where it is so that the person can come back and find it (but leave it open to possibility that some one else my take it.)
  2. Take it, but call the home number or “dad” or “mom” number listed to try and return the phone OR (for the dishonest people)
  3. Take it and count it among your own possesions.

Well, today I found a cell phone and a pair of car keys…left on the counter in the bathroom with no one in sight. Like, the bathroom was completely empty and there was no one in the hall. So I picked it up and carried it around asking people if they’de lost a phone/keys, and then I gave up. So I called the home number, no answer. Then out of no where “Dad” popped up on the screen and he was calling, so I answered it the rest is history (she got her phone back).

Would it of been better to of left it where I found it? I had no intentions of keeping it (it was exactly the same phone as mine…so it’s not like it would’ve even been a gain of any sort…but that’s beside the point, I’m not the type of person to find and keep.), but a similar thing happened earlier this year when I found an mp3 player in a class room. Would it of been better to leave it there for some one else to find, or do like I did (pick it up and then leave a “found” sign on the white board.).

Some people appreciate it, and some people don’t. oh well. (Both of my experiences where good, they were both thankful, I just wonder how other people feel about.)

Continue the fun!

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