Houston, we have a problem.

Last night, at around… midnight… I decided it was a good time to water the garden. We had been off doing crazy things all day, and it just hadn’t happened. So we turn on the porch light, and head downstairs to turn the hose on and start the watering.

There are no external hoses, so we have one that goes through the basement window, and shares a spigot with the washing machine. Brandan goes into the basement, and turns the light on. I am outside waiting on him, and I see the street light flicker. Then it came back on for a moment… just to turn off! The entire street went black!

After watering the garden, in complete darkness, we decided it was a good time to go buy toilet paper. I’m nosy, I wanted to see how far it stretched… and I was not disappointed! It was the first time I got to use my new birthday toy too. B-man was convinced he would hear something about the outage on the radio. No such luck. I did get to wind it up though!

I am blaming B-man for the whole thing! It wiped out power for 11,000 residents! The article does not blame my husband, but I guess it can be difficult to pin-point these types of things.

Continue the fun!

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  1. I have one of those wind up flashlight, but that's cool that they have one for the radio. Although…if the power is out, would it be obvious that the power to the radio station be out as well?

    1. Well, Knoxville is a huge city, so it's not likely that the whole town is going to lose power. And other towns might know about something if it's a big enough deal. Isn't that what HAM radio is for?

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